5 Reasons Why Tea is Good for You

a-cup-of-tea-on-a-tableWith the rising popularity of tea in America, you can find it at any store or restaurant. If the endless flavor options and wonderful aromas are not enough to attract you, consider the health benefits of tea. Check out these five great reasons why tea is good for your mind and body!


We have all heard the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, but tea provides the same amount of hydration. Since tea is primarily water, it is a great way to hydrate your body while getting different flavors to satisfy your taste buds at the same time. Keeping hydrated will help you lose weight, feel great, keep your kidneys healthy and even sleep better.

Aids in Digestion

All teas help in digestion, though there are some that are better than others. They all have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps your intestines stay healthy. The antioxidants in tea help to protect the lining of your digestive system. The water content also helps to break down food and keep things moving along, preventing constipation!

Liver and Heart Health

Studies have shown that drinking tea helps keep your heart and liver healthy. Tea drinkers are less likely to get liver disease. Green tea helps to prevent clogged arteries, keeping your heart working great. The flavonoid ECGC in tea reduces free radicals in your body, which helps to prevent heart disease, and even helps to prevent cancer!

Mental Alertness

While teas are lower in caffeine than coffee, they still help keep you alert. The lovely smells and the temperature also contribute to alertness. So next time you have a late night project, a tea might be a great alternative to coffee or an energy drink, particularly as the lower levels of caffeine won’t make it difficult to fall asleep when you are finished. Tea also contains theanine, which helps to keep you mentally alert as well.

Prevents Drinking Alternatives

some-tea-leavesAbove all, if you are drinking tea, you are not drinking unhealthier alternatives. We all crave some flavor sometimes, so water does not always cut it. Rather than drinking that soda, coffee, or energy drink, you can drink tea instead. This cuts out all those calories and the high amounts of sugar in the alternative drinks. Instant teas are not such a great choice however, as they generally have more added sugars and other unnecessary ingredients added. Since there are so many flavors of tea, you need never get bored. You can drink it hot in the winter and cold in the summer.

There are many different types of tea; these five reasons are the more common benefits, but different teas have additional benefits. From weight loss to sleeping difficulty, you can find teas to help your body in countless ways. Drinking tea can also be a great opportunity to get together with friends and socialize, letting you get rid of some of the stress of the modern world.