5 Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch Box

We are always coming up with new ideas on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. So much has changed in the value we place on nutrition in our lives. We are constantly evaluating how we eat, which ultimately affects how we provide meals for our loved ones. It is our goal to make sure that our families, especially our children, are always exposed to healthy eating. It is important that we watch what our children are consuming on a daily basis not only at home, but at school as well. ‘

1.Pick Beverages Carefully

preparing for a juicing sessionThe beverage you choose to put in your child’s lunchbox can be vital to your child’s performance in school. It is important to consider your child’s sugar intake in his or her lunch box beverage. Sodas and fruit juices that overload on sugar are probably not the best option for a school lunchbox meal. Consider organic fruit juices without all of the strange chemicals and sugar. Low fat milk is also a great option here.

2.Water should always be an option

In addition to the lunch beverage, always include a water bottle. During instructional time, students do not have a lot of access to the water fountain. Outside of lunch, it’s imperative that your child has a healthy way to keep hydrated throughout the entire school day.

3.Include Healthy Starches

Bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta are a great addition to the lunchbox meal! Around lunch time, it is important that your child has a healthy way to re-energize him/herself. Digestive acids and enzymes break the starch molecules down into glucose molecules. These glucose molecules will then enter the blood stream to provide an excellent energy source for your child so that (s)he may continue to learn to the rest of the day. Wholegrain and high-fiber breads are fantastic examples of healthy starches.

4.Don’t forget the proteins…

a collection of lunchboxesLean meats are an excellent source of protein. Although proteins contribute heavily to heart-health, foods that are high in protein are also high in saturated fat. Adding lean protein to the lunch menu cuts out the fatty disadvantage that often comes along with protein-rich foods. Tuna, Salmon, Boiled Eggs, Beef and Chicken are among many options to choose.

5.Snack it up!

Always include a healthy snack in your child’s lunchbox. Healthy snack food is enjoyable for children as it encourages them to be enthusiastic about healthy eating. Snacks are fun and are viewed by many children as a treat. When purchasing snacks for your children, be aware of the salt content in the items you purchase as you will want to keep the sodium as low as possible. Popcorn, rice cakes, and fruit are healthy snacks that kids are sure to love.

Lunch time is a part of the school day that children everywhere look forward to. With a healthy lunch box, you will surely not disappoint! Healthy lunchboxes always provide delicious variety and never fail to load your child with essential nutrients.