6 Celebrities Who Still Do Their Own Cleaning

Do you drag your feet when it comes to cleaning? Admittedly, chasing dust bunnies and washing windows isn’t much fun. Surprisingly, there are stars who enjoy vacuuming carpets and wielding mops. Can you believe it?

Below are celebrities who still do their own cleaning despite being able to hire a housekeeper. If you’re not naturally wired with the desire to have a neat house, you’ll be inspired!

1. Kirstie Alley

This endearing actress requires a bathroom that’s squeaky clean. Even on an airplane, before using the restroom, Kirstie scrubs it with Vodka. The gesture puts Kirstie at ease and makes the lavatory deliriously happy. Other users swoon over the immaculate washroom, too. However, Vodka is a rather expensive cleanser, don’t you think?

Kirstie’s passion for neatness dates back to her teens. At the sweet age of 16, her first job was working as a housekeeper. In the following video, she returns to her former place of employment and showcases her skills.

2. Alec Baldwin

The dashingly handsome actor admits to having a cleaning fetish. Although Alec has a housekeeper, he insists on washing and polishing glassware. Every item in his home has a designated place.

If Alec spots something askew, he’ll quickly straighten the object. It could be a book, cup, snow globe, or vase of flowers. Reportedly, he has missed flights, sidetracked by the need to reorganize his apartment. Here are other surprising facts about the talented actor.

3. Johnny Weir

This Olympic figure skater is also a champion cleaner. At home, he vacuums, cleans, and cooks to his heart’s content. He loves doing household tasks so much, he won’t hire a maid. He reports that he’d never be pleased with a cleaning service.

Although most folks reserve Sundays for rest, this is when Johnny cleans the hardest. Consequently, his entire house sparkles and gleams. Here’s a clip of the amazing skater at the 2006 Olympics.

4. Helena Bonham Carter

One of the UK’s finest film stars, Helena finds cleaning therapeutic. She believes that an orderly house promotes an organized mind. In fact, she suggests that cleaning is the best therapy for anxiety.

Psychologists state that removing dirt gives worry the boot. Cleaning also wards off depression. “Feel-good” hormones are released that boost mood and prompt us to be productive. For a motivating article on the therapeutic effects of cleaning, click here.

Coincidentally, did you know that Helena starred in the 2012 film “A Therapy”? The clever clip was created by Prada to advertise their brand. During the three-minute scene, Helena plays the role of a patient being treated by a psychiatrist.

She arrives at her doctor’s office wearing a classy red and purple ensemble, along with Prada shoes. She also carries a designer handbag. As she discloses her woes, the doctor becomes mesmerized by his patient’s fur coat. You can view the amusing video below.

5. Britney Spears

This pop music icon loves to scrub and dust. Like Helena Bonham Carter, Britney finds housework restorative. Working on her hands and knees helps her unwind.

She also enjoys washing windows. Isn’t that impressive? Before leaving the house, she habitually makes her bed. In fact, she seems to take pleasure in doing what most of us dread!

In addition to regularly cleaning house, Britney takes baths twice daily. Though she loves household tasks, spending time with her sons is her favorite activity.

She’s also passing the torch by teaching chores, such as gathering the trash, clearing plates, and caring for the family’s dogs. See an insightful interview with Britney below

6. Cameron Diaz

This highly respected actress states that cleaning house is “life-changing.” How’s that for a fresh perspective! The slender beauty does housework to relax.

She’s also one of the most ecologically-minded celebs. Cameron drives a hybrid car and uses her pop status to increase awareness of environmental concerns. In 2005, she traveled overseas to teach people about endangered species and biological hazards. To see Cameron model her cleaning finesse in a car-washing scene, look below