6 Top Date Night Ideas for Parents

a couple walkingWhen you’re raising children and trying to keep your household in order, it can be difficult to make time for your mate. Scheduling a date night is one of the best ways to connect with your partner and establish balance in your life. You’ll also find that date night gives you a little relief from the hectic schedule that often comes with being a parent, and gives you a little boost of energy to face another day of helping with homework, changing diapers or chauffeuring your kids to after-school activities. Here re 6 date night ideas you and your spouse can enjoy.

Have a “Reverse” Date

Instead of going to dinner and movie and leaving a babysitter at your house to watch the kids, send the sitter and the kids out for a movie and dinner. You and your spouse can enjoy a quiet evening at home. You can order your favorite foods, watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see and spend some quality time together. Take advantage of your private time, since it may be a while before you and your spouse get some time to yourself again.

Book A Local Hotel Room

If you don’t have time to book a full-fledged vacation, book a hotel room in your city for a few hours. Look for local deals so your date will affordable. You can even pack a picnic and a bottle of champagne to make the date more romantic and save money on food when you arrive at the hotel. If your children are old enough to spend the night at home by themselves, you can make the date even longer.

Leave An Event Early

Hire a babysitter and go to an event like a PTA meeting, then leave the meeting a little early. You can go to the movies, visit a museum exhibit or enjoy a romantic dinner before heading home. This date may not last very long, but it’s a wonderful way to build great memories with your mate and take a break from the monotony of a busy schedule.

Go On A Daytime Date

a couple on bikesWhile the kids are in school, make arrangements to go on a date with your spouse. Take advantage of any personal days you have left at work, and take your spouse on a date touring the attractions in your city. For instance, go to your favorite restaurant during lunch when the menu is cheaper, or visit an art gallery with a brand new exhibit. You can also catch a play or movie, which will be more affordable if you purchase matinee tickets.

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Take your mate on a nostalgic date. Visit the place you went on your first date if possible, or recreate the date. You can also take your spouse on a date that reminds them of simpler times when the two of you were carefree and didn’t have children. For instance, a date to the skating rink or bowling alley can bring back fond memories and help the two of you to reconnect with each other.

Double Date

Schedule a double date with the parents of one of your child’s friends. If your children are old enough to have a babysitter, go in with the other couple to pay for child care for the night. This is a great way for you to get to know another couple and widen your social circle while spending time with your partner.

Of course, any combination of these date night ideas can work well. Choose date night activities that will be particularly special to you and your mate so you can keep the romance alive for years to come.