7 Great Home Renovation Hacks

As home renovation TV shows continue to gain momentum, many American homeowners have become inspired to begin their own home renovation journeys. Even if you’ve successfully survived a rigorous remodel, here are some secrets from the pros that are worth sharing to make your home look truly amazing.

1. Mother Nature is your best friend

brushes and color chartsAdd some life, warmth and spunk to your space with a little help from Mother Nature. Vases of green leaves, ferns, branches or sticks can immediately brighten a space. For a little color and some longevity, add some small potted plants to bookshelves, mantles and side tables. Floral arrangements are also great ways to enliven a space, but consider a bouquet of cut flowers of the same type to keep a modern yet elegant look.

2. Mix and match furnishings

Whatever you do, don’t purchase the matching sofa/loveseat/chair combo from the furniture emporium. Find a piece or two that speak to you and work from there. If you are challenged in this area, take a friend with an eye for design or hire a professional.

3. Everything old is new again

With their popular show “Fixer Upper,” Chip and Joanna Gaines have taken old, beat-up furniture, wood, signs, and more and incorporated them into livable, contemporary design. Hit up a flea market, jockey lot, garage sale or thrift store to score some unique items for less.

4. Try some faux built-ins

Custom cabinetry doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget, but a purchase of some floor-to-ceiling bookcases can make it look like you’ve really gone all-out in your renovation. Several bookcases arranged side-by-side and attached firmly to the wall give a sleek, updated way to store and display a variety of conversation-starting items.

5. Invest in high-quality window coverings

Nothing says a cheap remodel more than draperies purchased at the local home improvement store. It may take a little investment and professional help, but choosing fabrics such as silk, damask and linen add a finishing touch to your home that is unmatched. Of course, a good seamstress will always line her window coverings and use black-out lining in bedroom draperies for a truly luxurious look.

6. Remember that less is more

paint brushesKeep the furniture and clutter to a minimum in your new space. Everything that came out doesn’t necessarily need to be welcomed back. Allow your space to breathe and provide a relaxing place for you to dwell comfortably. Too many things will be stifling, but a few, well-loved and well-chosen things that “spark joy” (in the words of Marie Kondo) can give a home personality that reflects its owner. Collections, vignettes of cherished items and family photos can all be gathered in ways that are interesting, creative and uniquely you.

7. Borrow ideas that speak your language

Peruse home design websites, blogs, TV shows and magazines for looks that inspire you. Then attempt to recreate them in your own setting. Your home shouldn’t be cookie-cutter because you aren’t that way. Hone in on your own style language and speak it through every room in your house.

Implementing a few of these tips can showcase to best effect all of your investment of time, money and effort to make your home renovation sparkle and shine.