The Best Bissells – 8 Extremely Affordable Vacuums

The Best Bissells – 8 Extremely Affordable Vacuums

Bissell has been in the cleaning business for almost 150 years. It was Melville R. Bissell who created and patented a carpet sweeper in the late 1800s. Friends asked where they could get a “sweeper” of their own, and the rest is history.

Today, Bissell is still one of the most affordable and respected brands in the vacuum industry. Here are eight models that will change the way you clean:

9595A CleanView Vacuum

The 9595A CleanView is a bagless model that features Bissell’s OnePass technology. Lightweight with powerful suction, this vacuum will leave your carpet looking spotless.

The 9595A’s cleaning power comes from its innovative brush design, which reaches down into the carpet to pick up more dirt, dust and debris in one pass. With this vacuum, you don’t have to go over the same spots over and over again just to get your carpets clean.

The cyclonic system ensures that the vacuum never loses suction, and the included TurboBrush makes it easy to clean furniture, stairs and upholstery.

The 9595A CleanView comes complete with a multi-stage filtration system, easy-to-empty tank and a washable filter.

1330 CleanView Bagless Vacuum

The 1330 CleanView vacuum also features Bissell’s OnePass technology, so you pick up more dirt and dust on the first pass. This vacuum is lightweight and easy to push and carry.

The innovative brush design rotates down into your carpet to pick up more dirt. And the cyclonic cleaning system prevents the vacuum from losing suction.

The 1330’s dirt tank is easy to empty, and opens from the bottom for less mess when emptying.

Watch the video below to see the CleanView vacuum in action:

Like other Bissell vacuums, this model comes with attachments that make it easier to clean those hard-to-reach places, like corners and ceilings.

The 1330 also come with washable foam filters for easy maintenance.

PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

If you have hard flooring in your home, there’s no need to lug around a big, bulky vacuum just to clean your floors.

The PowerEdge Pet vacuum makes it easy to keep your hard flooring clean – even if you have furry friends.

This vacuum was designed to capture dust, dirt and debris trapped in tight spaces and along edges. It has a V-shaped front to push larger debris into the center of the vacuum for easy pick-up. The ends of the V shape capture fine debris, so your floors are left spotless.

The unique design of this vacuum allows you to easily clean around furniture and even on low pile rugs.

The canister is easy to empty, and the 20′ power cord gives you plenty of leeway to clean larger areas of your home without having to switch outlets.

1831 CleanView Upright Vacuum

The 1831 CleanView is similar to other models in the CleanView lineup, but has a slightly shorter power cord.

The 1831 has OnePass technology, so you pick up more dirt in one pass than with competing vacuums. It also has Bissell’s multi-cyclonic suction system, which helps ensure that the vacuum never loses suction.

The cyclonic system also keeps dirt, dust and debris in the canister where it belongs – not in the air. It also has a multi-stage filtration system and washable filter for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Lightweight, this vacuum is easy to push and even carry upstairs.

With a 13.5″ cleaning path, 25-foot long power cord and 6-foot long hose, you can clean a much larger space at once with this vacuum.

Powerforce Pet Vacuum

The Powerforce upright vacuum is another one of the Bissell’s pet models, and is designed to reduce household allergens.

Versatile, lightweight and easy to operate, the Powerforce features a slew of onboard tools to help you clean every inch of your home. From carpeting to hard flooring, stairs and upholstery, this vacuum can clean just about anything you throw at it.

Tools include a stretch hose, crevice tool, dusting brush and long-reach extension wand.

The easy-to-empty dirt tank opens from the bottom, so dirt and dust goes where it belongs – in the trash bin. And the 18-foot cord gives you a fair amount of leeway to clean a large area before needing to switch outlets.

3-in-1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum

Lightweight and versatile, this 3-in-1 corded vacuum comes in multiple colors and can tackle a variety of cleaning tasks.

This model can be used on bare flooring, carpets, upholstery and even stairs. This is a combination stick and handheld vacuum, so it’s ideal for smaller messes and homes with hard flooring.

This bagless vacuum has an easy-empty canister, and its 16′ power cord means you have to change outlets less often.

At just 4.2 pounds, this vacuum is incredibly lightweight and compact in size, which makes it a great option for small spaces. And it won’t be a chore to lug this vacuum up and down stairs on cleaning day.

1822 CleanView Plus Vacuum

The 1822 CleanView Plus features an extra-long 30′ cord power cord and a 6′ hose to help you clean more in less time.

Like other vacuums in the CleanView lineup, the 1822 features OnePass technology to pick up more dirt in one pass than other vacuums. The innovative brush design pushes down deep into the carpet to suck up more dirt and debris.

The vacuum also features a multi-cyclonic suction system that keeps dirt in the bin and prevents the vacuum from losing suction.

A multi-stage filtration system and washable foam filter make maintenance a breeze. Plus, the canister empties from the bottom, so you can don’t have to worry about debris making it back into the air.

1646 PowerGlide Pet Vacuum

The PowerGlide pet vacuum features Bissell’s suction channel technology, which delivers edge-to-edge suction for superior cleaning.

And the 9X multi-cyclonic system prevents loss of suction.

Swivel steering and the brush roll on/off option makes it easy to switch between carpet and hard flooring. It also makes it easy to maneuver the vacuum around furniture and other obstacles.

The PowerGlide comes with a pet tool, extended hose, crevice tool and a stair tool.