The Best Commodes Reviews Guide for 2020

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How to Find the Best Commode On the Market

No one wants to talk about their commode use in public. This is a very personal issue, and it’s one that many people suffering from illness, disabilities and old age may find themselves dealing with.

Drive Medical Folding Steel Bedside Commode

Our favorite for 2020

Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode Seat with Commode Bucket and Splash Guard

A very close runner-up

Duro-Med DMI Heavy-Duty Steel Commode with Platform Seat

An extra-wide, heavy-duty commode

Commodes are used for those times when you can’t make it to the bathroom.

For some people, they’ll rely on a commode over the long-term. And there is no shame in using a commode. A lot of people need to use a commode during their lives, but the one thing that we’re not told is how to pick the right one.

The good news is that we have chosen five models to review.

You can compare between these models by considering the following:

  • Adjustments: Some users will need to be able to adjust the height of their commode. The height of the commode can allow for an easier sitting and standing movement that is ideal for people with disabilities and weaker muscles.
  • Folding: Commodes are large in size, and most people will keep them next to their bed at night or during the day. A folding commode is easier to store and is the ideal choice if usage is temporary due to an injury.
  • Removable Seat: A removable seat is a great option if a person wants to be able to use the commode as a toilet riser.

The best commode on the market is one that you’ll be able to store and use with the utmost in safety and comfort.

Reviews of the Best Commodes

Drive Medical Folding Steel Bedside Commode – Drive Medical’s folding steel model is very durable an is a budget level unit. Extremely affordable, this model comes in a grey color and is the ideal choice if you’ll need to transport it from one room to another.

This commode can fold flat for easy storage and transport.

Designed for strength, this commode can hold users of up to 350 pounds safely. The width between the arms is 18”, so larger users will need to consider this when making their purchase. A 7.5 quart carry bucket is included with your purchase and comes with a handle that makes carry easy.

This is a solid, all-around great commode.

Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode – The second of many Drive Medical models on our list. This model is very similar when compared to our previous choice. Grey and white in color, this commode opens up easily and can also be folded for easy storage.

A 7.5-quart bucket is included, too, as well as a handle that makes carry a breeze.

What’s unique is that this model has a splash guard, which makes the commode a little more sanitary. Users of up to 350 pounds can use this model, and the distance between the arms is also 18”.

For men, this is a great choice for a commode.

NOVA Medical Products 8700-R Folding Commode – Rustic in design, NOVA Medical offers a commode that comes with ample height adjustments of 15.5” to 21.5”. Designed for users of all heights, the distance between the arms is 18” and the overall width is just 22”.

Assembly doesn’t require tools.

Users can fold and unfold this commode in seconds. It’s easy to transport, and there is a bucket, lid and splash guard offered, too. The maximum weight capacity, according to the commode’s manual, is 300 pounds.

You can place this over your toilet, too, for added height when going to the bathroom. If you have trouble getting up off of a toilet or can’t get to the bathroom, this is a good choice.

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Commode – The Deluxe is a great, well-rounded commode that offers a very durable design that makes it stand apart from previous models listed by Drive Medical. This model offers height adjustments of 16.5” to 22.5,” allowing for easy sitting and standing.

A low to mid-range item, this model can fold with ease and open quickly.

A 12-quart commode is present, and the backrest can be removed, too. Plastic arms are present to add comfort, and the commode bucket comes with a handle, too. The weight capacity is 350 pounds, and the width between the arms is not listed.

This commode can also be placed over a toilet to allow for a higher height that is easier to sit on and stand up off of when in use.

Duro-Med DMI Heavy-Duty Steel Commode with Platform Seat – The Heavy-Duty is extremely durable, and this durability is reflected in mid to high-end status of the item. This commode is different because it’s very sturdy, and there is a platform seat, which will make wheelchair transfers onto a commode much easier.

This commode can hold users of up to 500 pounds, too.

Also used as a toilet riser, you can remove the 7-quart bucket if you need a toilet riser more than a commode. Contoured armrests allow for added comfort and an easier time standing. The seat adjusts between 16.5” and 23.5” in height in one inch increments.

For anyone that needs a heavy duty commode, this is a good option.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Commode for You

What is the right commode for you? One that fits you well and offers the utmost in safety. Commodes generally function in the same manner, so there won’t be too much to compare.

Best Commode

But the features that do matter are very important.

We discussed adjustments earlier, but there are a few other considerations that will allow you to be able to use your commode to its fullest extent. A few things you’ll want to compare and consider when choosing a commode are:

  • Maximum Weight Limit: If you’re a person that is heavier, you’ll want to place special attention on the weight limit of the commode. Different models will have different weight limits, and if you’re over 500 pounds, you’ll have a difficult time finding a commode that will be able to support your weight.
  • Arm Distance: No one wants to get stuck in their commode. The arm distance of 18” is a standard, but larger users will want to ensure that the arms can come off of the commode or that the width between the arms is wide enough for their size.
  • Bucket Capacity: We’re not going to discuss this private detail in length, but you need to ensure that the bucket capacity can hold enough waste for your usage. If you tend to have very large bowel movements, you’ll want a larger bucket for the commode.

And a person that needs a commode will also want a larger bucket if they have a lot of time between emptying. If a caretaker isn’t with you often, a larger bucket is a necessity.