The Best Dyson Vacuum Reviews Guide for 2020

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Let Us Do the Dyson Vacuum Comparison For You and Suggest the Best Model For Your Needs

Dyson has released several models, but your choices can be divided into two general categories, the canisters and the uprights. The canisters use Dyson’s Ball technology and once turned on, use a central steering mechanism to give you full control. There are several components inside these canisters that increase stability and produce a low center of gravity. Presently, there are three Dyson canister models: the DC47 Animal, DC39 Multi floor and DC39 Animal.

DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Our favorite for 2016
Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum
A great value option
V6 Trigger
A brilliant handheld option

The Dyson upright models consist of the DC50 Animal, the DC40 Origin and the DC41 Animal. All of these vacuum cleaners have been designed so you can steer them into hard to reach places, and the DC50 in particular is equipped with the new features that make it easier to use despite being more compact.

If you compare the canisters and uprights there are several things that become clear. First the canisters are smaller and therefore more suitable for those with limited space. However, the uprights are a bit more versatile. Both canisters and uprights are ideal for carpets, allergy sufferers, pet owners and hard floors, but the uprights are also ideal for compact storage.

You also have to understand that every model in the canister and upright range have specific features that set them apart from each other so you need to check each one in detail and consider your own needs and requirements. Aside from researching the product, it helps to read reviews and customer feedback and learn how the product works in real life situations.


Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum – The Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum was built for cleaning hard to reach areas in your home. A typical upright vacuum cleaner uses vacuum cleaner bags to collect dust and dirt, but the Ball uses Radial Root Cyclone technology which changes the airflow to effectively remove more dirt, allergens and dust.

The problem with regular bags is the holes get clogged up by dust, and the same thing happens with a standard bagless vacuum cleaner as well. This happens because these vacuums rely on a central filter to collect the dust, and this gets clogged too, leaving dirt behind. With the Radial Root Cyclone however, this ceases to be a problem.

Another advantage of the Ball is its active plate, as it generates the optimum cleaner head for the floor surface it is used on. This makes the Ball easier to use and doesn’t waste any suction power either.

DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner – The DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner is one of the top Dyson Ball models available, and it’s designed for every kind of floor surface. The DC40 has a self-adjusting cleaner head that recognizes what floor type it is cleaning and makes the appropriate adjustments. When vacuuming hard floors, the DC40 plate is lowered so a seal is produced, and its brush bar is lifted off the floor so there’s no damage on the surface.

If cleaning on carpet, the base plate is raised while the brush bar is lowered, resulting in maximum bristle penetration and absorption of pet hair and dirt caught in the carpet. Because the DC40 cleaner head adjusts automatically, you don’t have to mess around with dials as you vacuum. If you have to constantly clean carpets and hard floors, this feature helps. Just like any other Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum, the DC40 has the Radial Root Cyclone technology that improves suction power.

DC44 Animal Vacuum – If you’ve still not made up your mind about the whole multi floor vs Animal thing, maybe you should take a look at the DC44 Animal Vacuum. This Slim vacuum is cordless and for many that alone makes this an attractive buy because you don’t have to worry about a cord getting entangled while you clean.

But apart from being convenient to use, the DC44 also has a motorized tool designed specifically to get rid of dust and pet hair even if they’re stuck in upholstery or hard to reach spaces. In addition, the DC44 is a versatile vacuum cleaner that works from floor to ceiling, and because the center of gravity is located close to the grip, handling is easy. In addition, the DC44 can vacuum just about every type of floor surface including wood, vinyl, ceramic and carpet, and it has a 20 minute high suction time as well.

DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner– No upright vs canister vacuum discussion will be complete without mentioning the DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner, and rightly so because it is Dyson’s most powerful upright. Apart from the Radial Root Cyclone technology, the DC65 also comes with a redesigned brush bar so it’s capable of removing more dust and dirt.

The redesigned brush has stiffer and shorter bristles that allow it to penetrate carpets more deeply without compromising performance on hard floors. The secret to its success lies in the way the DC65 combines a self-adjusting cleaner head and the Radial Root Cyclone technology. Together, the two produce an effective suction seal on hard floors and carpets.

The DC65 also uses Ball technology that makes steering into tight corners easier. Finally, many of the key components in the DC65 are stored inside so there’s less clutter on the vacuum’s exterior.

V6 Trigger – The V6 Trigger  is one of the latest offerings from the company. The highlight here is the Digital motor V6, which can spin more than 110,000 times a minute, and this makes the Trigger three times faster than the typical vacuum cleaner. With its 350W motor, the Trigger doesn’t just have more power but it is also more stable than the previous models.

What makes the V6 a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner is its nickel manganese cobalt battery which has been reengineered to provide maximum power, battery life and suction. In spite of its power, the V6 charges three times faster compared to other vacuum cleaners, and when fully charged gives you 20 minutes of high performance suction. Finally, the V6 comes with a Boost mode that provides an extra 6 minutes of high end suction power, perfect for those times when you need to get rid of stubborn dirt.

Buyers Guide – How to Compare Dyson Models and Find the Right One for You

dyson model comparisonReading the reviews above should give you a good idea of what each vacuum cleaner can do, but for first time buyers the question that often comes up is whether they should get a Animal or a Multi-floor vacuum cleaner.

They share certain features: both use Radial Root Cyclone technology, easy to empty, convenient to use and have similar dust capacities (half a gallon). However, there are major differences, and the most obvious is their primary purpose. The Animal is more suited for removing pet hair and dander while the Multi-floor is for vacuuming different types of floors.

The Multi-floor is usually cheaper than the Animal by around 15%, and the Multi-Floor removes dirt in just one pass. The models come with a self-adjusting cleaner head and it makes the transition from hard floor to carpet easily. On the other hand, the Animal vacuum has a soft dust brush that prevents entanglement. Furthermore the Animal vacuum cleaners have a specially designed turbine tool that gets rid of pet hair in corners and upholsteries. The Animal series also have air filtration that pulls pet hair in even from the air. The Multi-floor is also capable of drawing pet hair, though not as effectively.

The bottom line: if you have to clean a lot of pet hair and fur, get one of the Animal models, but if you don’t have a long haired pet at home and clean mostly hard floors and carpets, their multi-floor models are the best option. Either way, expect each model to run for a while as they’re low maintenance.