Bissell Bg10 Vs 86t3 – A Carpet Cleaner Showdown?

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Bissell Bg10 Vs 86t3 Comparison

Bissell incorporates the world’s leading carpet cleaning technology in all of their models. The company, founded in 1876, packed high-end technology into both models, but there are unique reasons to buy each.

Keep in mind that the design for these models is the same.

The key difference is that the Bg10 is considered a commercial cleaner, while the 86t3 is a consumer cleaner.


Bissell Bg10

Bissell 86t3
Dual Capacity Tanks Yes Yes
Rotating Dirt Lifter Yes Yes
Cleans Forward and Backward Yes Yes
Upholstery Cleaning Tool No Yes
Adjustable Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 5 Year
Commercial Use Yes No
Hose Attachment No Yes
Stain Tool No Yes

Tank Capacity and Design

The Bg10 and 86t3 is designed using a dual tank system. This system allows water to remain separated at all times. When you’re cleaning, the clean water will remain in one tank, while the dirty water remains in its own tank.

And this dual tank design means one thing: cleaner carpet.

Less water is used in the cleaning process, and the floors dry faster, too. There’s also a flow indicator that alerts you to the level of water and solution left. This allows you to run out of solution and water less frequently.

The dual tank design is very beneficial when cleaning carpets for several reason:

  • Fewer refills. The dual tank design ensures 1.75 gallons of water is available for cleaning, meaning the unit requires fewer refills.
  • Time-saving. Fewer refills means that you save a lot of time in the cleaning process.

The dirty and clean water tank are joined securely, allowing you to take them out rapidly and empty / fill them.

If you’re doing the job yourself, AngiesList states that each room, cleaned professionally, costs $51 on average. Owning your own carpet cleaner and using a dual tank design means you’ll save money and get a better overall cleaning in the process.

Cleaning Design and Additional Features

Bissell incorporates forward and backward cleaning into each carpet cleaner.

When forward and backward cleaning is used, this saves on water usage, allows the carpet to dry faster and offers a better overall cleaning, too.

Cleaning is a pleasure with both models thanks to the adjustable handle height, and rotating dirt lifter design. The dirt lifter pulls more dirt from the carpet, ensuring the best possible clean with the least amount of time spent.

Dual motors are utilize. One motor turns the cleaning brush, while the other engages the unit’s suction power to pull dirt from deep inside of the carpet.

Edge-to-edge suction ensures that the unit cleans the entire surface of the floor. The dedicated suction motor amplifiers this feature, leading to a deeper, better overall clean.

When considering the 86t3, this model does outpace the Bg10 in terms of cleaning capability, offering:

  • Attachment hose for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Stain removal tool.
  • Upholstery cleaning tool.

Home usage is where the 86t3 excels most and where the Bg10 seems to fall short. You can purchase the additional accessories for the Bg10, but it’s an added cost that might not be necessary.

Bissell Bg10 and 86t3 Feature Breakdown

Bissell was strategic when offering the Bg10 and 86t3 as the same model – although many consumers never knew the difference. The main features of these two models are:

  • Dual tank design
  • Dual motors
  • Flow indicator
  • Dirt lifting brushes
  • Edge-to-edge suction
  • Adjustable handles
  • Forward and backward cleaning

The differences come in a few key areas:

  • Commercial vs Consumer Use. The Bg10 is designated for commercial use, while the 86t3 is designated for consumer usage. This means a lot when calling customer service.
  • Warranty. The Bg10 has a 1-year warranty that doesn’t include exclusions for rental units or commercial usage. The 86t3 offers a 5-year warranty, but there are exclusions if the unit is used commercially.

You might find a few reviews that state that one model has two motors while the other has one, and these are all bogus. These models, based off of their design, are the exact same unit with the main restrictions being on the warranty.

The 86t3 also has a few bundle options available. These options include:

  • Permanent pet stain remover. A bundle designed to get rid of hard-to-eliminate pet stains.
  • Pet stain remover. A general bundle that comes with pet stain-removing liquid.
  • Professional deep cleaning. A bundle that is ideal for users who have an extremely dirty carpet that is in need of serious deep cleaning.

If you’re buying your first carpet cleaner and expect to have professional results the first time, you need to know that the cleaner will make a big difference. Each cleaner will work only as well as the user and the cleaner they provide.

If you have stains that are difficult to get out, you may need to use different solutions or measures to reduce the stain’s appearance before using your cleaner.

Again, it’s a job that you can do on your own, but it takes patience and persistence to get rid of prominent stains. COIT recommends a lot of natural stain removers, such as baking soda, vinegar and a few different mixtures, to remove stains.

Situations Where Each Cleaner Excels

So, which model should you choose?

It depends.

If you plan on using your machine for commercial use, choose the Bg10. While the warranty is shorter, your unit will remain under warranty for the entire year and will be repaired if necessary.

But if you use the 86t3 for commercial use, you can’t rely on the warranty. In fact, you’ll void the warranty, making a costly mistake in the process. I recommend using the 86t3 for home use anyway because it comes with all of the accessories for around the same price.

So, if you plan on using your carpet cleaner for home use, there’s only one option: 86t3.

If you have your own carpet cleaning business or plan to rent out your carpet cleaner, you’ll want to protect your investment and purchase the Bg10.