Should I buy a bagged or bag less vacuum?

vacuuming a hardwood floorWhen it’s time to buy your next vacuum cleaner, you’ll find that there are countless options to consider. You can go with an upright or canister, or maybe you’d prefer a hand-held model?. Choose between machines made specifically for pet hair or little robotic vacuums that do the work for you. You’ll also need to decide between bagless and bagged vacuums if you’re looking at an upright machine. If you’re having trouble deciding between a machine with a bag and one without, here are a few facts you should keep in mind.

Convenience, and Maintenance

With a bagged vacuum, the filters are built into the bag. Every time you slip a new bag into the machine, you’re basically getting a fresh filter that is better able to capture fine particles and help you clean the home. Some people prefer the convenience of a bagless vacuum because you just empty the dust bin when you’re done and it’s ready for the next use. However, bagless machines come with special filters that need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and that can make for more maintenance down the road.

Cost Considerations and Aging Equipment

One thing to consider is the cost of replacement bags and filters. The costs for each one tend to be equal between bagged and bagless systems. However, as your vacuum becomes obsolete, you may find it impossible to buy either filters or new bags. If you plan on keeping the vacuum for a long time and want to save on the maintenance costs, then you may want to look for a bagless vacuum that comes with washable filters. After you wash the filters, be sure to allow about 24 hours for them to dry completely before using the unit again.

Allergy Relief

Another important consideration of any vacuum cleaner is how well is removes small particles and allergens from the air. A general rule of thumb is that a bagged vacuum with HEPA technology will provide you with the highest level of allergen removal. If improving air quality is your main concern, then this is your best option.

Notification Lights

One complaint about bagged vacuums is that it’s hard to tell when it’s time to empty the unit. This isn’t a problem with most bagless vacuums because the dust bins are typically clear so that you can easily tell when it’s time to change them. One option is to get in the habit of checking the bag before you vacuum, or you can go with a system that has a light that will come on and tell you when the bag is full.

Whether you go with a bagged or bagless vacuum, take care when emptying out the contents. Make sure you have a larger trash can that’s no more than one-half full. This allows you to put the entire dustbin down into the trash before opening the base and emptying the contents. If you’re dropping in a bag that’s full of debris, the little plume of dust won’t billow out of the can and onto your floor. Choosing the new vacuum for your home is a very personal choice, but these tips will help you decide if you want one with bags or prefer to go with a bagless system.