Five Top Excuses Used by Teenagers to Avoid Doing the Housework

cleaning materialsTeenagers avoiding chores is nothing new. We’ve all been there; we all understand the dread of mopping the kitchen again, of cleaning the toilet again, or of vacuuming the living room again. Here are five of the best excuses teenagers give to get out of their chores:

  1. I forgot. I’m sorry; I got caught up doing homework. Yes, I’ll get it done before bed. I already said I’m sorry!
  2. It’s not even dirty. Why should I have to clean it when it isn’t even dirty in the first place?
  3. It was just done yesterday! Why do I have to vacuum again? I don’t care that we have guests over for dinner; it can’t possibly have gotten dirty between yesterday and today.
  4. Yes, I already cleaned it. I promise. I know it looks dirty, but I cleaned it already and just happened to make a mess again. I seriously cleaned it, though.
  5. My friends don’t have to do chores. It’s so dumb that I have to do chores when they’re all hanging out and not doing chores.

Why Do Teenagers Avoid Chores?

Okay, some of those excuses aren’t terrible, but they’re still excuses. These are just a few of the many reasons young adults give to try and get out of doing housework. An important topic, though, is examining why teenagers try so hard to avoid chores.

Sure, chores are not fun, and there are often better things to do, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t necessary. Teenagers should understand that cleaning is a necessary part of life and, sometimes, can even provide a relaxing and stress-free experience. Right?

  1. Young adults have not had the necessary time to mature and foster an intrinsic desire to clean for the sake of cleaning. These skills are still in development; teenagers need positivity, love, and care to build these intrinsic value systems.

Negative Reasons

effective tips for doing your houseworkSometimes, though, teenagers avoid chores because of personal difficulties. Maybe the parent-child relationship is inadequate. Maybe the pressures of school and social life weigh on him at home. These aren’t bad things; they just need to be approached through tactful discussion.

Once these problems are corrected, look into the multiple methods of teaching teenagers to be responsible and complete their chores. Apply different practices at a young age to ensure young adults develop that intrinsic desire for cleanliness and order.

A Story of Success

Teenagers will never stop making excuses for chores, because there will always be something better to do. However, following good practices when raising children and teaching a strong sense of responsibility will ensure tomorrow’s young adults complete their housework without too many negative feelings. Maybe, just maybe, the world will see more teenagers that enjoy cleaning.