Little Known Ways to Keep a Tidy House

These are some helpful tips for people who want to keep their homes a bit tidier. Some people don’t have much space, and some people just need a little help with organizing.

The websites ‘Beautifully Organized’ and ‘We Got Real’ have some great advice on keeping your home tidy. You can find the link right here:

Step 1 – Get a Basket

vacuum cleaner reviewsOver time, your coffee table might become so cluttered that you don’t know what to do with everything. You can get a small, rectangular basket to keep in the living room for all the remote controls, books, toys, or whatever it is that might get left out. Having a basket stored under your table can look quite cute as well as free up some space on your tabletop.

Step 2 – Get Some Hooks

If you don’t have a lot of space in your house or your drawers are simply too full for more items, hang up some hooks. Nailing decorative hooks on the walls can be a great way to hang up jackets and hats. You can even keep hooks in the kitchen to hang up small frying pans.

You can use them in the bedroom to keep jewelry organized. The possibilities are endless.

Step 3 – Clean With Vinegar

You can clean many things around with white vinegar, one of them being the grout between your tiles. Grout shows every little speck of dirt, but cleaning with vinegar makes it much easier keep clean. Use 2 parts white vinegar and 1 part water.

Scrub the grout and leave the solution on for a few minutes before washing away. If it’s stubborn, scrub with baking soda. The baking soda will activate and bubble, working away at the dirt.

Step 4 – Clean Out Your Coffee Maker

Your drip filter coffee maker should be cleaned out at least once a month to stay running smoothly. Coffee and other impurities can build up, making your coffee taste rancid or drip slower.

Simply mix 3 cups white vinegar and 3 cups water, and pour it where your normally pour water. Put a filter in and let it run. Next, throw out the filter and run it again with a new filter and plain water.

This video has several helpful tips on washing household items with white vinegar:

Step 5 – Don’t Let the Laundry Pile Up

effective tips for doing your houseworkTry to do the laundry when it needs to be done, not when you run out of clean shirts. After a long day, you might put it off, thinking ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’. The best way to get anything done is to do it now.

Also, fold your clothes right as soon as they’re dry. This will prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled.

Step 6 – Soak Your Dishes

If you do decide to wash the dishes later, soak them in hot, soapy water first. This will make so much easier to wash later, without the hard, dry, stuck on food.