NV751 Vs NV752 Vs NV753 – Which Shark Rotator is Best?

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The NV751, NV752 and NV753 vacuums are part of Shark’s lineup of Rotator vacuums. While similar, each of these three models has its own benefits and drawbacks.

To find the right one for you, it helps to have a better understanding of what each model offers.




3-in-1: Lift-Away, Upright and Canister X X X
Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment X X X
Motorized Pet Brush X X X
Anti-Allergen Seal X X X
True Pet X
Extra Brush Accessories X
Never Loses Suction Technology X X X

The NV751

Better known as the Rotator Deluxe, Shark’s NV751 vacuum is versatile, powerful and designed to clean your home from top to bottom.

Like other models in the Rotator lineup, this model is a 3-in-1 vacuum, meaning that it acts as a Lift-Away, canister and upright vacuum. The combination of these three machines allows you to clean carpeting, underneath furniture, sweep hard flooring, clean curtains, and reach ceiling corners.

With a long, flexible hose, the NV751 allows you to reach high and tight spaces without breaking a sweat.

Households with pets will appreciate the TruePet mini motorized brush, which makes it easy to remove hair and allergens from upholstery and stairs. And the hard-floor Genie attachment allows you to clean hard flooring more efficiently than other uprights. The hard-floor Genie also comes with a washable microfiber pad for superior dust and dirt removal.

The Anti-Allergen sealing function keeps those allergens in the vacuum where belong, and the HEPA filter traps even more dust and allergens.

According to WebMD, HEPA filters force air through a fine mesh material, which traps harmful particles, like pet dander, dust mites, pollen and even tobacco smoke.

Featuring Shark’s Never Loses Suction technology, this vacuum never loses its power.

Other features like swivel steering, fingertip controls and LED lights make cleaning more convenient and physically easier.

Features and Benefits

  • TruePet Motorized Brush: Picks up pet hair and dander to reduce household allergens.
  • 3-in-1: Acts as Lift-Away, canister and upright vacuum for versatile cleaning.
  • Hard-Floor Attachment with Microfiber Pad: Allows for easy and efficient cleaning of hard flooring.
  • Fingertip Controls: Allows for easy switching between carpet and hard flooring cleaning.
  • LED Lights: Illuminates the cleaning path for a more thorough cleaning under furniture.
  • Swivel Steering: Makes it easy to clean around furniture.
  • Never Loses Suction Technology: Will clean just as well as day 1 even after years of use.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal: Traps allergens inside the vacuum where they belong.

The NV751 is a powerful vacuum that comes with features that are ideal for homes with pets. Between the HEPA filter, Anti-Allergen seal and the TruePet motorized brush, this vacuum can eliminate most household allergens and pet hair to keep your home feeling fresh.

The NV752

The NV752 is a bit more advanced than the NV751 in the design department. Like other models in the Rotator lineup, this vacuum acts as a 3-in-1, allowing you to switch between Lift-Away, upright and canister.

With the 3-in-1 functionality, you can clean under furniture, in those hard-to-reach corners and even up high on the wall. This model allows for a thorough cleaning that’s virtually effortless on your part.

The Dust-Away attachment picks up dirt and dust on the hard flooring, and is enhanced by the included microfiber pad (which is also washable for easy maintenance).

Like the previous model, the NV752 comes equipped with the TruePet motorized brush as well as a pet upholstery tool. These tools allow you remove as much pet hair, dander and allergens as possible.

Plus, the HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology keeps allergens and pet dander inside of the dust cap. As CNET points out, HEPA filters only allow some particles and viruses through.

The NV752 is relatively lightweight at just 15.4 pounds, so it doesn’t require much physical effort when pushing. It also offers a 30-foot power cord, so you can clean a larger area before needing to switch power outlets.

Features and Benefits

  • 3-in-1 Design: Allows you to clean your home from top to bottom. Canister, Lift-Away and upright options give you more versatility when cleaning your home.
  • Dust-Away Attachment: Keeps dust and dirt at bay, and the included microfiber cloth is washable for easy maintenance.
  • TruePet Motorized Brush and Upholstery Tool: Eliminates pet hair from nearly all surfaces of your home to keep it feeling fresh and clean.
  • HEPA Filter and Anti Allergen Seal: Traps allergens and bacteria for a cleaner, fresher home.
  • LED Headlights: Illuminates the path ahead, so you can see underneath furniture and in dark areas of the home.
  • Swivel Steering: Makes it easy to maneuver the vacuum around furniture and tight areas of the home.
  • Never Loses Suction Technology: Ensures that this vacuum stays powerful and efficient.

The NV752 is an all-around great vacuum that comes with advanced pet-cleaning tools. Users will appreciate the option to choose between canister, Lift-Away and upright. Plus, the Never Loses Suction technology preserves this vacuum’s power.

The NV753

The NV753 comes with an additional brush set, and is designed to maximize your cleaning power. This 3-in-1 vacuum acts as a canister, upright and Lift-Away, so you can clean nearly every surface of your home with ease.

The canister detaches from the body, making it easier to clean those hard-to-reach areas. According to Consumer Reports, canister vacuums are better at cleaning curtains, under furniture and upholstery.

If you have hard flooring, the Dust-Away attachment and washable microfiber pad can be used to pick up fine dust and large debris. The attachment is more efficient at cleaning hard flooring than a conventional upright.

The mini motorized brush is just as powerful as the upright, and allows you to clean upholstery with ease.

The NV753, like other models in this lineup, comes with Shark’s Anti-Allergen seal and a HEPA filter to trap and remove household allergens.

Plus, the fingertip controls allow you to adjust the vacuum’s settings without having to bend over. All of the controls are located right on the handle and within easy reach.

LED lights on the floor nozzle allow you to see your cleaning path clearly, and the swivel steering makes it easy to clean around furniture.

Features and Benefits

  • 3-in-1 Design: Switch between canister, Lift-Away and upright options to clean your home from floor to ceiling.
  • Hard Floor Genie: Pick up fine dirt and larger debris better than a conventional upright vacuum.
  • Mini Motorized Brush: Remove hair, dust, dirt and allergens from upholstery, curtains and stairs. This brush offers just as much power as an upright.
  • HEPA Filter and Anti Allergen Seal: Eliminates allergens and bacteria and traps them in the vacuum.
  • LED Headlights: See where you’re cleaning with the built-in LED lights on the floor nozzle.
  • Swivel Steering: Maneuver furniture and other obstacles with ease thanks to the swivel steering function.

Which Shark Model is the Right Choice for You?

There are many things to consider when choosing between these three Shark models. The primary issue is that these vacuums have very similar features. Each has a 3-in-1 design, they all have pet tools and filters, and they can all be used on both hard flooring and carpeting.

If each of these models is so similar to one another, how do you go about choosing one for your home?

If you take a closer look, you’ll see where each model has its advantages.

The NV753 is the high-end model, and it offers just about every feature you could want. One of its biggest selling points is that it comes with extra brushes. Depending on your cleaning needs and the size of your home, these extra accessories may be the deciding factor.

Along with these extra tools, the NV753 also has a mini motorized brush, which means you can use it to clean pet hair from just about any surface. This model is also a great option if you have hard flooring, as the Hard Floor Genie attachment makes it easy to pick up fine dirt and other debris.

The NV751 and NV752 are almost identical in design and specifications. They both have pet tools, a HEPA filter and the seal that traps in allergens.

The biggest difference between these two vacuums is price. And we can also guess that the newer generation is a bit more powerful in the suction department.

For families on a slightly tighter budget, the NV751 may be the better option. The NV752 is a great all-around vacuum that offers just the right amount of features.

Take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each model to determine which one is the best choice for you and your cleaning needs. Ultimately, it will come down to your personal preference and budget. But it’s almost always worth it to pay a little bit more for the features you want or need.