Oreck Commercial U2000R-1 Review

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The Oreck Commercial U2000R-1 was designed for use in commercial establishments, but it can also be handy for residential use. Find out more about this vacuum cleaner in this review.

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Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS
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If you’re looking for a commercial vacuum you could look for a long time and not find a unit as good as this.

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Do you dread cleaning carpets, but you don’t have any choice but to clean the carpets at home? Then you should consider getting an upright vacuum cleaner that is typically used for commercial purposes like the Oreck Commercial U2000R-1.

This vacuum cleaner is not only appropriate for use in commercial establishments, but also for residences. It is powered by a four-amp motor that can generate enough suction power to remove debris in high-traffic areas. It has an impressive 12-inch cleaning path which means you will spend less time in a given area, and no longer have to make several swipes unlike when you use other vacuum cleaners.

The manufacturer is not a pushover by any means. Founded in 1963, it is one of the pioneers of the production of upright vacuum cleaners which were used by hotels in the United States. Today, it is into the production and selling of other cleaning products like air purifiers, floor machines, steam mops throughout the US, Europe, and Canada.

The Oreck Commercial U2000R-1 weighs 8 pounds and stands 48 inches tall. It has a capacity of 630 cubic inches. It features a high speed, balanced brush roll with dual helix brushes that swirl at 6,500 rpm. It also has an automatic floor adjustment function that enables it to easily move between soft and hard surfaces without any changes to its manual settings.

The Good

There are lots of things you will love about this upright vacuum cleaner. Its narrow and light body belies its eight pound and 48 inch frame, making it easy to move around the house. You can navigate this vacuum even on slim spots, thanks to its maneuver mechanism and back swivel wheels making the U2000R-1 a very user-friendly cleaning device. With such design, you don’t need to move back and forth an area to get rid of any mess.

Aside from its slim design, the vacuum has a height changeable wand that lets you vacuum walls, corners, and other awkward areas of the house. Whether you’re trying to get rid of cobwebs or reach out for pet hair in tight areas, you should be able to do your task well and quickly with this vacuum. There’s also a nozzle that enhances the functionality of the suction and helps accommodate air circulation.

There are the generic yet essential attachments you would expect from a contemporary cleaning machine like upholstery brush, dusting brush, and crevice tool. Each brush is designed for a particular use. Take for instance, the regular brush vacuum head for getting rids of contaminants and microorganisms in carpets. There’s also the swivel brush head that is best suited for a leveled floor. The brush head’s height can also be expanded when you need to.

And we have not even talked about the powerful, multipurpose suction of this vacuum. With an airflow of around 108 cfm, the vacuum will be able to clean more dust than any other vacuum cleaners on the market. This Oreck product is powered by a 4 amp motor.

While it may sound tame compared to other full size, upright vacuums with 9 to 12 amp motors, you should keep in mind that amps have very little to do with cleaning power.

All the dirt and dust gathered by the vacuum will go into a large, 10.3 liter paper dust bags that are integrated into the U2000R-1. The bags are easy to remove and replace.

The vacuum has a 40 foot long power cord that would allow you to move around the house without having to unplug the power cord and plug it to a nearby outlet.  It also has a cord guard that protects it from inadvertent damage. However, please be reminded that the unit can only be plugged in to 120V outlets.

Another feature worth mentioning is its comfortable and ergonomically designed grip. How well-designed is this grip? It’s so good that the Arthritis Foundation gave it an “Ease of Use” commendation.

The handle can lie horizontal, so you can use the vacuum under low furniture. Its power on and off switch is located on the said handle. There are wraparound bumpers located on the nozzle which should prevent scratching or scraping of furniture and walls.

Finally, this product has been given the Carpet and Rug Institute green seal of approval. This indicates that the U2000R-1 is a superior cleaning vacuum that has met stringent standards for dirt and dust removal.

The Bad

As the old adage goes, ‘no one’s perfect’ and the U2000R-1 is definitely not a flawless product at all.

One of the complaints that owners of this product have on the U2000R-1 is its difficulty in cleaning long shag-type carpets. They attribute this to the lack of a manual nozzle height adjustment, which prevents users from lifting the nozzle for the said kind of carpet.

What Oreck U2000R-1 has is the automatic height adjustment. The vacuum has a free floating head that can move up or down depending on the surface of the floor.

The long power cord may allow you to move more freely around the house, but it can also get in the way and cause accidents like children or even adults tripping over it.

And compared to its competitors, it doesn’t have fancy attachments for above floor cleaning like lamp shades, upholstery, and curtains. There are also no headlight or brush bar controls. You can’t even dial down the suction.  It certainly looks very simple compared to other contemporary vacuum cleaners.


But overall, this vacuum cleaner should satisfy your need for a powerful and easy-to-use cleaning machine. It has the suction power that can get rid of dust and dirt in a matter of seconds, and it is very easy to move around. It is really a vacuum cleaner suited for commercial establishments, but versatile enough to be used for spacious houses. You can’t go wrong with this vacuum.

Performance :  5/5 stars

Quality: 5/5 stars

Design: 4/5 stars

Ease of Use: 5/5 stars

Value for Money: 5/5 stars