The Rewards of Cleaning

Are you still less than jazzed about chucking trash? Read on for how cleaning relieves stress.

1. Eliminating clutter improves focus.

a floor being cleanedIn a Princeton University study, scientists examined task performance in an organized versus messy environment. Subjects working in cluttered surroundings showed reduced productivity and elevated stress. Just like multitasking, disarray overloads the mind, hampering the ability to think.

2. Neatness saves money.

Do you buy new items, replacing objects you already have because you lost track of them? Are you late paying bills because they’re buried beneath piles of mail? Do you often eat out since your kitchen is chaotic? If so, a well-kept house can save you cash.

3. Physical exercise bolsters health.

Cleaning is the equivalent of having a gym membership. All that lifting and twisting revs your heart rate and burns calories. It also improves blood flow, shunting nutrients to your brain and promoting alertness. Traipsing the stairs and scrubbing releases “feel-good” hormones. If you’re frustrated, cleaning blows off steam.

4. Sprucing up is relaxing.

Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood FloorsThe fresh scents that emerge when purging your home soothe tension. To fill your home with a blissful aroma, run your garbage disposal using a tablespoon of lemon-scented dish soap and hot water. Clip a car deodorizer to the metal slats of air vents.

Have you ever basked in the fragrance of laundry that’s dried in the sunshine? Another aromatic option is tossing dryer sheets in your machine. You can also use the cloths to freshen up closets and dresser drawers.

Easy Cleaning

Is the prospect of cleaning still unappealing? Perhaps you don’t mind housework but haven’t much time to tackle the grime. What’s the solution? Here are some tips for a quick spruce-up by a busy mother.

Spot-On Approach

Each of these celebs has a stellar attitude. Roll up your sleeves and have fun cleaning! We leave you with this clip on how to breeze through the heavy-duty jobs. Summon your mop and rock on!