Six Chores to Give to Your Teen

Assigning chores to your teenager is a great opportunity that allows you to provide guidance while teaching them about responsibilities. Through proper direction, doing chores will not only teach your teen independence but also prepare them for adulthood and allows them to be a responsible roommate if they decide to go to college.

If you need some chore ideas, below, you can find six beneficial chore ideas to give your teen.

Washing the dishes

doing the washing upOne of the most beneficial chores that you can give your teenager is the responsibility of washing the dishes. It is an essential housekeeping chore and is a necessary task of keeping a clean home.

Whether you have a dishwasher or you have to clean the dishes by hand, a good way to start getting your teen to incorporate this task into their routine is by simply asking them to do the dishes after dinner. Have them be responsible for washing the dishes and putting them up or teach them how to load and unload the dishwasher.

Feeding the family pet

If you happen to have a family pet, another great responsibility you can give your teen is asking them to feed it. Feeding a pet is a great way to teach them how to be accountable and great preparation if they would like a pet of their own when they go off to college.

Doing the laundry

Another valuable chore your teen could learn is how to do the laundry. By knowing how to wash, dry and fold clothes, they can feel a sense of accomplishment in learning a life skill.

To start, you can have them sort the laundry by color or fabric. As they gain more responsibility, help guide them towards loading the clothes in the wash. Eventually, get them into the habit of folding and hanging up their clothes once they are dry, hopefully instilling a habit that will help them keep their clothes nice and orderly.

Taking out the trash

Assigning trash duties would be an excellent chore for teens. Taking out the trash is essential for keeping a clean home and allows your teen to feel like they are being helpful around the house.

Cooking Dinner

Eating is necessary for human life and everyone loves good food. With instructions and guidance, teaching your teen how to cook could be rewarding in several ways.

Teaching your teen how to cook can be fun and exciting as well as a great bonding experience. While teaching them the proper way to cook their favorite recipes, your teen will probably feel pride knowing that they were able to make something that the family can enjoy.

A good way to start would be to have them help you cook breakfast on the weekends or if you have family dinner, they can pitch in. Eventually they’ll learn how to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner and feel prepared to make meals on their own.

Cleaning the bathroom

cleaning materialsLastly, an important chore that you can give your teen would be cleaning the bathroom. Learning how to clean everything from the sink, tub or even toilet will be extremely beneficial, as the bathroom tends to harbor all kinds of nasty bacteria. Knowing how to do this skill will be useful and hygienic.