The Best Bulk Coffee Grinder Reviews Guide for 2020

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How to Choose the Best Professional Coffee Grinder After 2020

People tend to spend more time thinking about their coffee maker than the true essence of their coffee: beans. The beans that hold all of the delicious flavor of the coffee people know and love have one of the biggest – if not the biggest – impact on coffee’s flavor.

BUNN G2HD 2-Pound Bulk Coffee Grinder

Our favorite for 2020

BUNN G1HDB 1-Pound Bulk Coffee Grinder

A very close runner-up

BUNN 22100 Bulk Commercial Coffee Grinder

A really great grinder

There is an art to coffee beans.

Freshly roasted coffee beans need to have their flavor set in for 3 days before they’re at their prime time to be ground. And after grinding up the coffee beans, they tend to lose their flavor as quickly as 12 hours after being ground.

If you want to freshest coffee, you need to grind your coffee beans just before brewing.

Before going into our burr coffee grinder reviews, let’s take a look at how you can compare these grinders.

  • Grind Selection: The grind fineness will have an impact on the taste. The right grind will be preferential. Very fine grinds are ideal for espresso, and they’re known for being very strong, for example. A machine with a variety of grind fineness levels is the ideal choice.
  • Hopper Capacity: The hopper is what will hold all of your coffee beans. A normal household won’t need much more than a 5 – 7-ounce hopper, but in an industrial setting, the higher the better in most cases.
  • Grind Speed: The speed in which the coffee is ground is a delicate matter. If the burr grinders move too quickly, this can lead to too much heat being produced, which will degrade the taste of the grinds. You’ll want to look at how much coffee can be ground in a certain duration.

Reviews of the Best Bulk Coffee Grinders

BUNN G2HD 2-Pound Bulk Coffee Grinder Review – The BUNN G2HD is an industrial coffee grinder that has the ability to grind up to one pound of coffee in a mere 30 seconds. That’s ultra-fast grinding, and there is an easy grind selector that allows you to choose the fineness of the ground.

Turbo action pulls coffee beans through the grinding chamber while the hopper is able to hold a staggering 2 pounds of coffee at one time.

Precision burrs are used to ensure that the coffee is cut up finely for equal taste distribution rather than crushed, which eliminates much of the taste. If you need to grind a lot of coffee at a time, this is a great option with more than enough holding capacity in the hopper.

BUNN G1HDB 1-Pound Bulk Coffee Grinder Review – The G1HBD is a one-pound bulk coffee grinder, which means that the hopper is able to hold one pound of coffee at a time. This is a lot of coffee for a homeowner, but in a commercial setting, you may need more of a holding capacity if you serve a lot of coffee.

An entire pound of coffee can pass through the grinder in 30 seconds, and there are a variety of grind fineness levels to pick among.

Extremely reliable and durable, this is a model that’s ideal for the homeowner who drinks a lot of coffee (multiple people in the home), or the smaller diner that serves the best tasting coffee in town. This is the same model you’ll find in most coffee shops (even Starbucks has used this model before).

BUNN 22100 Bulk Commercial Coffee Grinder Review – For true bulk grinding, this is a great option. This model has a very high volume of three pounds, and turbo action draws the beans into the grinder for quick and precise grinding. Speed and efficiency is the backbone of this machine.

A bag switch stop is included that will stop the unit when the bag is removed. This helps keep users safe and ensures that the motor isn’t overworked.

Approximately one pound of coffee can be ground in just 30 seconds, and there are a wide range of grind fineness settings available. Heavy-duty burr grinders are responsible for grinding up the coffee, and the unit features a black exterior and stainless steel design.

BUNN G3HD Black Bulk Coffee Grinder Review – The G3HD is a revolutionary burr grinder that is made of stainless steel and features a black exterior. The unit has a hopper capacity of 3 pounds, and this unit also features the bag stop feature for added safety.

Backed by a four-year warranty, this unit has a wide range of grinds to choose from.

A total of one pound of coffee can be ground in under 30 seconds, and there is a lever that allows for quick cleaning of the unit. This model is nearly identical to the previous models reviewed, but it does have a higher hopper capacity, which is ideal for commercial usage.

KitchenAid KCG0702ER Burr Coffee Grinder Review – The final item on our list is from KitchenAid, and this model comes with a sharp red exterior and stainless steel burr grinders. Powerful and efficient, this is the best model on the list for home use due to the 7-ounce glass bean hopper (a little more aligned with the normal family’s needs for coffee).

A total of 15 grind settings are offered so that you can refine the level of the ground, and the unit offers just 450 rpms to ensure that too much heat isn’t produced, leading to a loss of flavor.

The unit includes a scooper and cleaning brush to make the most out of your burr grinder.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Best Commercial Coffee Grinder for You

Whether you’re a business looking for a commercial grinder or you’re an avid coffee drinker, you’ll need to look at similar aspects to make the right choice for you when choosing a coffee grinder. There are a lot of important things to think about:

Bulk Coffee Grinder

  • Size: Commercial models can be very heavy (50+ pounds in some cases), and their larger size doesn’t make them a good choice for homeowners who have little space to dedicate to these massive models. Countertop units are available if you need to grind coffee for you and your family.
  • Burr Grinder Vs Blade Grinder: Most high-end coffee shops will use a burr grinder, and this is the preferred model in most cases. Blade grinders chop the coffee up, but burr grinders use abrasive surfaces to grind down the beans. There are also conical and flat burr grinders to consider. Burr grinders allow for a more uniform grind, which is often preferred.
  • Price: When you’re trying to choose between models, you’ll find that small units can cost several hundreds of dollars less than their larger counterparts. The price of the grinder should become an issue when using your grinder for home usage.
  • Reviews: Never underestimate the power of reviews. Read up on each unit you’re interested in, and pay special attention to the warranty offered, as motors can and do burn out in some defective units.

The final point to consider is how easy it is to clean out the grounds. Small coffee grounds, especially those from oily beans, can get stuck in the grinder and will be difficult to remove. Keep this in mind when looking at features that help speed up the cleaning process.