The Best Chocolate Tempering Machine Reviews Guide for 2020

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Our Guide to The Best Chocolate Melting Machines On the Market

If you plan on making real chocolate, you’ll need a tempering machine to make sure the job is done right. Tempering is the process of melting chocolate at just the right temperature to ensure crystallization of the chocolate’s cocoa butter.

ChocoVision C116USREV2WHI Revolation 2 Chocolate Tempering Machine

Our favorite for 2020

ChocoVision C116MINIREV1 Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine

A very close runner-up

ChocoVisionC116110VREV5 Revolation-V Tempering Machine

A stunning unit

When chocolate isn’t properly tempered, it becomes dull, crumbly and rough.

There’s an art and science to the process, but a chocolate tempering machine for home use can help you achieve these professional results right in your own kitchen. When comparing models, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Capacity: How much chocolate do you plan on tempering at one time? The machine’s capacity is particularly important if you’ll be working with a lot of chocolate. Standard machines can temper up to one pound of chocolate, but you’ll also find machines with five-pound, 17-pound and 25-pound capacities.
  • Temperature Display: Ideally, you want to choose a machine that displays the temperature. Because tempering is all about melting at the right temperature, which fluctuates depending on the type of chocolate you’re working with, you want to be able to monitor the temperature at all times.
  • User Feedback: Pay attention to reviews from users to see which machines offer the best value. Some models last longer and perform better than others. Tempering machines can be pricey and you can’t test the machine before buying it, so user reviews can help steer you in the direction of a quality model.

To help you find the right chocolate tempering machine for you, we’ve rounded up some of the top models on the market.

The Top Chocolate Tempering Machine Reviews

ChocoVision C116USREV2WHI – ChocoVision is one of the leading manufacturers of at-home tempering machines, and the C116USREV2WHI is ideal for those who only need to work with small amounts of chocolate. For tempered chocolate decorations and at-home creations, this model is ideal.

Featuring a 1.5-pound capacity, this tempering machine is fully automatic and offers adjustable heat control for optimal performance. A 90-second bowl pause and LED temperature display give you more control over the tempering process.

Compact in size, this machine won’t take up too much space in your kitchen.

For home chocolatiers, this model is the right choice. It offers just the right size capacity and just the right number of features for at-home use.

ChocoVision C116MINIREV1 – The C116MINIREV1 from ChocoVision is another great option for the home chocolatier and offers the same 1.5-pound capacity as the previous model. It does not, however, offer digital temperature display.

Fully automatic with a removable bowl and baffle, this tempering machine uses forced hot air and offers simple controls.

The C116MINIREV1 is designed to temper up to 1.5 pounds of white, milk or dark chocolate in 25 minutes.

For home use, whether you’re a casual or avid home chocolatier, this machine is a great choice. It offers just the right capacity for small-batch chocolate recipes, and the simple controls make it easy to use.

ChocoVision C116110VREV5  – The C116110VREV5 from ChocoVision is a great entry-level model for anyone getting started as a professional chocolatier. This model offers a standard 5-pound capacity and 9-pound capacity with a holey baffle.

The temperature can be adjusted manually to allow you to boost the heat up to 120 degrees during the melt cycle. The machine will automatically hold at 100 degrees while in temper mode. The convenient LED temperature display lets you view the temperature at all times.

The automatic micro-processor uses forced hot air to temper the chocolate.

The C116110VREV5 can produce roughly 50 pounds of chocolate per day and requires very little maintenance.

Hilliard’s Chocolate Tempering Machine – Hilliard’s Chocolate Tempering Machine is designed for commercial use and like the previous model, requires very little maintenance.

Made of stainless steel, this tempering machine has a 25-pound-per-day maximum capacity.

Known as the Little Dipper, this machine is actually a compact version of the company’s standard melters. The great thing about this unit is that it’s so easy to use, even inexperienced users can make delicious products with very little training.

While compact in size, this machine does have some weight to it at about 45 pounds.

If you need a machine that can do a little more than the standard 1.5-pound capacity melters, The Little Dipper is a great choice.

ChocoVision C116DELTA110V  – For users in need of a bigger capacity machine, the C116DELTA110V is ideal. This 17-pound-capacity model offers fully automatic tempering and a sleek stainless steel design.

An extended tempering mode is also available with this NSF-certified machine.

The C116DELTA110V is best suited for professionals, as it was designed to meet the demands of top confectioners and pastry chefs.

This model requires a minimum of three pounds of chocolate for tempering, which makes it ideal for large-scale batches. Chocolate is tempered in about an hour.

Whether you’re a serious at-home chocolatier or seasoned professional, the C116DELTA110V offers the right capacity and features to meet your demands with ease.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Tempering Machine for You

You’ve read through our reviews, but you’re still not sure which machine is the right choice for you. Tempering machines are an investment and finding the right model is never an easy choice because there is much to consider.

Chocolate Tempering Machine

Here are a few things to look for when narrowing down your choices:

  • Manual Temperature Controls: Some models allow for manual temperature adjustments during the melt cycle. These machines are the better choice for professionals, as it gives you more control over the tempering process. For at-home users and hobbyists, simpler models (like the C116USREV2WHI and C116MINIREV1 are ideal).
  • Size: We talked about capacity earlier, but you also want to consider the actual size of the machine. The machines that offer larger capacities are bigger in size and heavier in weight. Be mindful of how much space you have, so you can choose a machine that will fit in your kitchen.
  • Chocolate Settings: Some machines, like the C116USREV2WHI, allow you to choose a pre-programmed setting based on the type of chocolate you’re tempering. Machines that offer these modes are ideal for novice users who are just getting started with chocolate-making. Professionals may find that manual controls are the better option.
  • Price: The cost of the machine is something that needs to be considered. Chocolate tempering machines are an investment to say the least, but worth the cost. Set a realistic budget and find a quality machine you can afford. Remember, the lowest-priced machine may not perform up to your standards or last as long as you’d hoped.