5 Great Albums That Will Help You Get The Vacuuming Done

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Whether you are gearing up for spring cleaning, or you just need to jumpstart your cleaning mindset, nothing gets you going like some good motivational music. When you really need to get the lead out and clean house, listen to these 5 albums and get your vacuum on!

1. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by Outkast.

This is a great, upbeat album perfect for getting your place spotless. The Way you Move can help you get vacuum that floor in no time while Roses is perfect for cleaning the bathroom. I don’t think that roses really smell like boo-boo, but your bathroom doesn’t have to either. Hey Ya and Ghetto Musik will get you going with a duster or cleaning cloth as well.

2. B-Day by Beyonce.

To be fair, just about any Beyonce album could get you to clean up while you steam up. B-Day has its fair share of club anthems and they will help you rock out your cleaning. Get me Bodied, Upgrade U, and Ring the Alarm help to get your blood flowing. But there is nothing for cleaning out your closet like Irreplaceable. Put those shoes in the box to the left!

3. Prism by Katy Perry.

Yep you guessed. You’re gonna hear me Roar. Better yet, those germs will hear the roar of your vacuum cleaner while you ride that Dark Horse onto the carpet! Puns fully intended, and no apologies forthcoming. Come on, do you want to make this fun or not?

4. Oh My God! By Doug E Fresh.

Yes, I am quite aware this is the debut album of the performer Doug E. Fresh and it was released some 30 years ago, but have you heard The Show? Doug E. still performs to this day because of the sheer brilliance of this song that lasts over 6 minutes and entertains the entire time. You can use those 6 minutes to vacuum beneath your sofa cushions, clean under appliances and you still might have time to beatbox and count boogey down to the end of the song. Amazing!

5. Bad by Michael Jackson.

vacuum cleaner reviewsCome on now, I know you didn’t think this list would be complete without a number or two from the King of Pop himself. Dirty Diana is gonna get a cleaning today! Kitchen cleanup is a breeze when you hit the dishes with that Smooth Criminal. And show the laundry who’s Bad! MJ has material for days. Half of his dance moves can fully qualify as housecleaning themselves. Ever try to moonwalk across a hardwood floor in a pair of slouchy socks? Yeah that’s what I thought. Goodbye dust bunnies, hello crotch rocket!

Even if you’re not in the cleaning mood, listening to these songs from these particular albums can definitely get you there. Who knows, you may even end up cleaning longer than you thought just so you can continue to jam to some seriously motivational tunes. Get everyone in the family in on the action and take your cleaning next level.