The Best Outdoor Beverage Center Reviews Guide for 2020

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Let Us Help You Find the Best Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator on The Market

A backyard can be an oasis, but you need to have it set up properly. One of the hottest items of the year are beverage centers. Everyone needs a cold drink on a hot summer day, and you don’t need to go inside to quench your thirst.

Outdoor Kitchen Cart & Beverage Center with Fridge & Sink

Our favorite for 2020

Maxx Ice MCR3U-O Outdoor Beverage Center

A very close runner-up

CL63FDOS Dual zone outdoor wine/beverage center for built-in or freestanding use

A great option if you’re looking to store wine

Outdoor beverage centers provide convenience, and they’re a practical choice for any outdoor kitchen.

Many of these models are standalone, so you don’t need to have an expensive, built-in outdoor kitchen. You can place many beverage centers under an awning, and they’ll keep your beverages cool. We’ve seen a lot of these units installed in garages, too.

When going to compare models, you’ll want to consider:

  • Water Hookup: Do you want a water hookup? If so, you’ll find many beverage centers offer a faucet and act as a sink, too. This is an ideal choice for built-in kitchens, but it’s also more expensive.
  • Lighting: You would be surprised by how many beverage centers don’t have interior lights. If you plan on having an outdoor party until the sun goes down, interior lights only makes sense.
  • Thermostat: You’ll find rotary and digital thermostats offered. Both types are sufficient, but digital models offer precise control. If the unit has two separate doors, dual-zone temperature control allows for both sides to be cooled independently.

If you keep these three points in mind when making your purchase, you’ll have an easier time choosing a model. We’ve had the pleasure of researching and reviewing a few of the top models in the industry.

Our Top Beverage Fridge Reviews

Leisure Season’s Outdoor Kitchen Cart & Beverage Center – Leisure Season offers a beautiful, stainless steel beverage center that comes equipped with a fridge and sink. Four caster wheels lock into place when not in use and allow the cart to quickly be repositioned.

The unit uses 304 grade stainless steel – the finest quality.

Left and right side counter space comes to 62” W x 35” H x 35” D. The unit has a weight of 121 pounds, and there is a condiment tray next to the sink, too. A hose hooks up to the faucet to supply water.

The fridge bolts into the unit and can be replaced if necessary. This is the ideal outdoor beverage center for anyone without an outdoor kitchen.

Maxx Ice MCR3U-O Outdoor Beverage Center – Maxx Ice offers the MCR3U-O beverage center. This model has a 3-cubic foot storage capacity, and an automatic interior light illuminates the beverages so that you can see them at night. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this model is controlled through a rotary thermostat.

An all stainless steel construction ensures this beverage center’s longevity, and the weight of the unit is 122 pounds.

Precision cooling allows the internal beverage temperature to be to your exact liking. This unit is ideal for free-standing and built-in applications, making it a great choice for most homes. This is a no-frills, high-end beverage center.

CL63FDOS Dual Zone Outdoor Wine/Beverage Center – Summit’s CL63FDOS is a dual zone, outdoor beverage center that is great for sodas, water, beer, wine and any beverage you can imagine. The entire unit is constructed with 304 stainless steel to ensure a weatherproof design.

French doors swing open independently.

Both sides of the unit offer independent temperature zones. This allows you to keep one side warmer than the other. Certain beverages are better ice cold. Elegant LED lighting properly illuminates both sides of the refrigerator.

Digital controls allow for precision temperature setting. The 24” wide spaces allow for ample storage. Shelves on the left side offer a high height that’s perfect for standing bottles, while the left side has multiple shelves for beverages that lay on their sides.

Orien FSB-15OD Outdoor Beverage Center – The Orien FSB-15OD is a stainless steel beverage center with a glass door. This model is durable, and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Made for home use, this model is UL approved and used in commercial settings, too.

The unit’s dimensions are: 33.5” H x 14.6” W x 24.3” D.

Standalone, this model requires 120 V and is free-standing. The weight of this beverage center is 101 pounds, and a digital front display allows for the temperature to be set with ease. There are five interior shelves to place your drinks, and the bottom shelf offers additional height to place drinks upright.

This is a great windowed beverage center.

Viking VUAR1531TLSS 15 Inch Outdoor Beverage Center – Viking’s VUAR1531TLSS is a high-end beverage center that offers 3.0 cu. ft. capacity and has two wire shelves to hold your beverages. A glass shelf is included, too. The unit’s touchpad controls are hidden and allow for temperature adjustments between 40F and 65F.

If the door is left open or ajar, the TruProtect System will signal that the door is open. The system also sends an alert if the interior temperature of the unit exceeds the desired range.

An LED display illuminates the interior. The temperature is read inside the unit behind the door, and users can change between Fahrenheit and Celsius as needed. This is a heavy-duty model.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Outdoor Beverage Fridge for You

Outdoor beverage fridges are a nice addition to any outdoor space. These beverage centers can save time going in and out of the house, and if you have a pool or nice outdoor space, it only makes sense to have a few cold ones stashed away for the occasion.

Outdoor Beverage Center

But there are a lot of models offered, and some can get quite expensive.

We’ve had issues trying to choose the right outdoor beverage fridge, too, but we found that having a few criteria points made the process much easier:

  • Size: How much interior space is offered? You’ll need to have a double door model if you need to keep beverages at different temperatures. Most models are rated in cubic square feet, so if you want a larger model, choose one with higher cubic square footage.
  • Type: Do you want a standalone fridge, or do you want a few extras? The first model we reviewed offers a sink and a condiment tray, which are nice additions. If you plan on installing the unit into a built-in kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that this is possible, too.
  • Tray Options: Trays don’t seem too important until they’re not setup properly. It’s not uncommon for users to forget about their tray options, and this is a major issue if you want to store a case of beer upright and can’t do it because of the tray setup. Shelving and tray setups make a big difference, so find a setup that you prefer.

If you keep these points in mind, we’re confident you’ll find an outdoor beverage fridge that’s perfect for your needs.