The Best Stainless Steel Beverage Center Reviews Guide For 2020

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Let Our Guide Help You Find the Best Beverage Cooler After 2020

Whether you have a game room, man cave, dorm or a small apartment, a beverage cooler ensures that you always have a cold drink to offer friends, family, and other guests. They may be small in size, but these mini coolers run cold enough to keep all your favorite drinks at just the right temperature.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center

Our favorite for 2020

Della Beverage Center Cool Built-In Cooler Mini Refrigerator w/ Lock- Black/Stainless Steel

Great option, slightly cheaper than the Danby

Wine Enthusiast 268 68 40 01 Evolution Series Beverage Center

Great for wine

But just like any other home appliance, there’s a lot to consider when buying a beverage cooler. We’re going to make your decision easier by sharing the top models on the market. Here are some things to keep in mind when comparing them:

  • Temperature Range: The temperature range is the most important thing to consider, especially if you plan to store wine or other temperature-sensitive drinks. Check to make sure that the cooler you’re considering offers the right temperature range for your drinks. The temperature range can be found in the product’s description.
  • Capacity: How much internal space does the cooler offer? The cooler’s internal space is listed in cubic feet, but you’ll find many manufacturers also indicating how many cans or bottles it can hold. Knowing the actual size (cubic feet) is helpful, but pay closer attention to how many cans and/or bottles it can hold. This will help you find a unit that can hold just the right number of beverages.
  • Size: The actual size (dimensions) of the cooler is important, too. Even if the internal space is smaller than average, the overall size of the cooler may be larger than you expected. Check the product description to find the height, length, and width of the unit.

The Top Beverage Refrigerator Reviews for 2020

Danby DBC120BLS – Boasting a 3.3 cu. ft. capacity, the Danby DBC120BLS is a great beverage cooler for anyone who needs a lot of space. This stainless steel beverage cooler can hold up to 120 cans, but won’t take up much space in your home.

The cooler features a mechanical thermostat and a temperature range of 43F-57F to keep beverages just the right temperature. Ideal for home bars and small commercial settings, this cooler has three black wire shelves and a bright interior light that illuminates when the door is open.

A recessed door handle on the side of the fridge makes drinks easily accessible, and the included lock keeps unwanted hands out of the cooler.

Della Beverage Center – Standing at 32” tall, the Della Beverage Center is just the right size for game rooms and dorms. With four black wire shelves, this cooler offers plenty of space to store your drinks.

The mechanical thermostat can be set to just the right temperature, with a range of 40F-61F.

Tempered glass and stainless steel create a sleek look, while the recessed door latch on the side of the cooler makes it easy to access drinks. A discreet button lock on the back of the unit keeps drinks out of reach of children – and uninvited guests.

An LED light illuminates the interior when the door is open, and the reversible door hinge allows for both right- and left-handed operation.

Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series – The Evolution Series cooler from Wine Enthusiast is a great option for wine drinkers. Offering a sleek design, this beverage cooler features top-of-the-line compression technology designed specifically for wine storing.

The Evolution is like having a mini wine cellar in your kitchen, game room – or wherever you please.

With a height of just 25.5,” this unit will fit in most homes with ease, and there’s plenty of room to store a small collection of wine.

Two shelves are included as well as a basket for the bottom of the unit. The cooler’s temperature ranges from 34F-43F.

For the wine lover in your life, this cooler makes a great gift.

EdgeStar 103 Can and 5 Bottle Cooler – The EdgeStar 103-can unit offers plenty of space to store beverages for guests. The unit holds 103 standard cans and five 750mL bottles, with a total of 3.6 cu. ft. of interior space.

Offering a powerful compressor-based cooling, the unit boasts a temperature range of upper 30s F to mid-50s F. A bright LED light illuminates the interior when the door is opened to make drink selection easy, even in low light conditions.

Six removable chrome shelves are included, and the reversible tempered glass door allows for both left- and right-handed use.

EdgeStar’s cooler has a sleek look, and is just the right size for dorms or man caves.

Electrolux EI24BC10QS – The EI24BC10QS from Electrolux is an advanced, Energy Star rated beverage cooler with intelligent features.

The unit’s temperature is controlled through Electrolux’s Integrated IQ-Touch technology, and door alert features let you know when someone is inside the cooler. A blue LED light also illuminates the interior of the cooler whenever the door is opened.

The EI24BC10QS allows for easy storage of all types of beverages, including wine. A soft coat wire wine rack is included, and two glass shelves allow for easy storage of cans. The shelves are fully extendable, too, so you don’t have to reach all the way into the back of the cooler for your drink.

If you’re looking for a more advanced cooler, the EI24BC10QS is a smart choice.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge for You

Stainless steel beverage coolers are sleek and modern in design, but aesthetics isn’t important when it comes to refrigeration. A great-looking fridge may leak or stop working just months after buying it.

Beverage Center

When buying a mini beverage cooler, there are several things you need to consider aside from looks. We talked about some of those things earlier. Here are some other points to keep in mind:

  • Temperature Control: What type of temperature control is offered? Most models have mechanical thermostats, but others, like the Electrolux model, have unique controls. Determine which type of control you prefer.
  • Locks: Most modern coolers have some sort of locking mechanism to keep your beverages secure from kids and uninvited guests. If you plan to store alcoholic beverages in your cooler and you have kids, a lock is a must-have feature.
  • Lighting: Mini beverage coolers have built-in LED lights just like the refrigerator in your kitchen. These lights should only come on when you open the door, and they should be bright enough to illuminate the entire interior. Lighting is a must-have feature – unless you don’t mind reaching for a drink in the dark.
  • Shelving: How many shelves does the cooler have? Are they removable or extendable? It isn’t necessarily better to have more shelves, especially if you plan to store larger cans or bottles. Decide how many shelves you realistically need.
  • Price: Don’t forget to consider the cost of the cooler. Prices can vary greatly from one unit to the next, depending on the size, brand and features offered. Set a realistic budget, and find a quality model that you can afford.