Seven TV Shows That are Great to Watch Whilst Doing the Ironing

What better way to alleviate the drudgery of ironing than by watching a great TV show, right? Find out which TV shows are highly recommended when ironing clothes.

Is it possible to relax and chill out while burning calories? Watching TV while ironing may sound weird but spending time in front of the boob tube may actually help you burn between 60 and 70 calories per hour. But not all TV shows are recommended for watching while ironing because some can, in fact, completely divert your attention because of too much action, entertainment or emotion displayed on the small screen.

Seven TV Shows to Watch While You Iron

Here are seven TV shows – in no particular order — that won’t divert you from your primary purpose yet manage to make you “feel good.”

  1. “Everyday Italian”

Whether or not you’re a foodie, watching a cooking TV show while ironing seems to go hand in hand. The recipes that Giada DeLaurentiis tries out in “Everyday Italian” are prepared by this petite beauty with such relish that you want to cook whatever she just demonstrated after you iron. This granddaughter of film producer Dino DeLaurentiis makes it reassuring for mortals like us to cook gnocchi and ravioli with confidence.

  1. “Doctor Who”

The plots are senseless, the characters silly, and the way the special effects are carried out run smack as pre-historic. But “Doctor Who” has been a cult classic since the 1960s so there must be something there worth watching. It’s precisely the senselessness, the silliness, and the archaic technology that makes people nostalgic while watching this. Go for it if you feel sentimental.

  1. “Narcos”

We don’t know about you but history as played out on TV is more fascinating and therefore well worth watching. Find out why Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar has managed to evade the DEA’s numerous attempts to arrest him for two decades. This show’s tagline “there’s no business like blow business,” an intended pun on Escobar’s drug empire, is an interesting take in his life and his drug cartel’s inner workings

  1. “The Brink”

If the U.S. government had an all-too-often inebriated and serial womanizer Secretary of State, a compromised fighter jet pilot for the U.S. Navy, and a lowly officer in the Foreign Service what would you have? Read: “The Brink.” This comedy satire, produced and starred in by Tim Robbins, Pablo Schreiber, and Jack Black offers a lot of laughs as the shadow of WWIII comes close to home.

  1. “Mr. Robot”

This thriller-drama with the timely plots and provocative premises has been acclaimed for its technological accuracy, cinematography, and acting. Follow security engineer Elliot Alderson’s thought process as he “hacks” into people’s minds and becomes a 21st century cyber-vigilante. This show will keep you in suspense while you iron but not too much as to make you burn a hole in your favorite shirt.

  1. “Downton Abbey”

While Americans are proud of their hard-earned liberty, they can’t seem to have enough British aristocracy. It chronicles the lives of the Crawley family and the lives of their servants, the Anglo version of the iconic “Dynasty” which starred John Forsyth, Linda Evans, and Joan Collins in the 80s. If you like soap operas with elan and hearing the speech of “a stiff upper lip” this TV series has enough of both.

  1. “Scream Queens”

You like horror shows but not the cringe that results from all that blood and gore which splatters your LED screen. This one is more comedy than horror in anthology form. Think “Scream” franchise meets “Scary Movie” meets “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” And with Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts as series regulars, expect a balanced blend of comedy and horror in “Scream Queens.”