The Best Vertical Broiler Reviews Guide for 2020

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Let Us Help You Find the Best Gyro Broiler On the Market

When purchasing a vertical broiler, also known as a gyro broiler, you will be met with a number of different options. From different sizes to different power sources, the vertical broiler that you choose will influence how you prepare your gyros at home. For the most part, you will either have the option of choosing a gas gyro machine or an electric gyro machine.

Household Electric Grill Kebab Machine

Our favorite for 2020

CuiZen CUI-76278 Vertical Rotisserie

A very close runner-up

Tacos Al Pastor Machine

A great broiler

The two differ in both price and how they cook the meat. Gas gyro machines may be slightly more expensive and will cook the meat using actual flames. This can give you a bit of char on your meat that you won’t be able to get from an electric gyro machine. On the other hand, an electric gyro machine usually comes at a lower price point but uses a heating coil to cook the meat.

You should also use the dimensions to determine which gyro broiler is right for you. If you’re looking for a vertical broiler for your home, you could likely select a smaller broiler capable of handling smaller portions. Unless you’re looking for a broiler for a gyro shop or restaurant, you won’t want to purchase an appliance that will take up too much space in your house or kitchen.


Household Electric Grill Kebab Machine  – This vertical broiler is a designed specifically for the home. At a size of 25cm x 25cm x 37 cm and a net weight of 2.6KG, this particular vertical broiler can be used to cook kebab, a whole chicken, beef, ham sausages, fish, vegetables, and more. In addition to the main spoke for meats and larger items, there are also six smaller skewers that can rotate around the center skewer to allow you to cook vegetables or smaller pieces of meat at the same time. With multiple stainless steel parts, this vertical broiler can be easily cleaned as you would any of the other appliances in your kitchen. As a budget to mid-range option this is a  completely affordable option for anyone looking for a versatile option for the home.

CuiZen CUI-76278 Vertical Rotisserie – Whether you’re looking to cook a whole bird or you want to broil smaller kabob skewers, this CuiZen Vertical Rotisserie can provide you with just the thing you’re looking for. With a digital display and push buttons to set the timer and temperature, this vertical broiler is easy to use for everyone. It even comes with a protective shield to keep heat in and prevent burns. The CuiZen vertical broiler includes a special rack for poultry, roast, burgers, fish, vegetables, and kabobs.

Tacos Al Pastor Machine – As a gas operated vertical broiler, the Tacos Al Pastor Machine uses actual flames to cook and heat the meat. Through three burners, the top, bottom, and middle of the meat will be cooked evenly and thoroughly. There are also 4 skewers on the side for cooking smaller items while cooking a larger item on the main rotisserie. As a larger vertical broiler option, the Taco Al Pastor Machine can cook between one pound and 40 pounds of meat at a time.

Spinning Grillers 5 in 1 – Gyro Machine  – The Spinning Grillers 5 in 1 Gyro Machine is designed for the backyard, making it a perfect vertical broiler for barbeques and cook outs. Because it operates on propane gas, this gyro machine uses real flame to give a smoky, charred flavor to the meat which can be cooked on the main rotisserie skewer or on the three side kebab skewers. With two burners, you’ll get an even cook over the entire piece of meat. The measurements for the Spinning Grills 5 in 1 Gyro Machine are 15 ¾ inches in width by 11 inches in depth and 21 inches in height.

Axis Equipment AX-VB3 304 Stainless Steel Gas Vertical Broiler – As the most expensive option on this list, the Axis Equipment AX-VB3 304 is a high end item – but when you buy this unit you’re getting a high-quality vertical broiler. While this is not the right home gyro machine for everyone, you can cook up to 90 pounds of meat in this vertical broiler. This appliance has dimensions of 39 inches in height, 22 inches in length, and 18 inches in width and has the option to change temperature of each gas-powered burner individually.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose The Right Electric Gyro Machine For You

When selecting the right home gyro machine that fits your needs, you will want to think hard about what you’re looking for before making a purchase. First, you should consider your price point and how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re not looking for a huge investment, you will only want to look at cheaper, smaller options that will probably run on electricity. However, if you’re looking for an investment that will last you for years and years to come, you may want to spend more.

two vertical broilersYou should also look at the size of the broiler before making a purchase. If you are hoping to store the gyros machine when it is not in use, you will want to buy something smaller that can easily fit in a cupboard or closet. However, if you’re hoping for something that you will use frequently and to feed many people, you will want to buy an appliance that can accommodate your needs.

With the number of gyro machines out there, there is something that can fit all your needs. Do your research, find an option that fits within your budget, and enjoy delicious homemade gyros!