How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaner for Your Business

Carpets get dirty. When you wear sneakers, dirt and debris find their way into your carpets, causing them to look grimy and worn. Even choosing the right cleaning products for your carpet can become a massive chore.

And it’s a lot easier when you have the right carpet cleaner for your business.

You can use a high-end model, such as the Bissell BG10 or Bissell 86T3, to get the job done, or you can call in professionals. Carpet cleaning can cost $25 to $75 per room, according to Angie’s List.

Since many small businesses struggle with financing, according to, it only makes sense for busineses to try and do most tasks on their own, including carpet cleaning.

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But how do you choose the right carpet cleaner? What’s the process behind making the right choice for a cleaner? These are all questions that don’t have definitive answers, but we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

Carpet and Flooring Needs

Do you have thick carpet or short carpet? High pile and shag pile carpets require more maintenance, according to Rug Doctor. Your cleaner will need to be able to:

  • Penetrate thicker carpets
  • Offer deep cleaning capability

If you have stairs or other hard-to-get-to areas, a cleaner with attachments may be preferred. Many models have attachment hoses that allow for long-range cleaning, which works perfectly for under furniture and in corners or on stairs.

This is all a must-have for business cleaning.

If businesses don’t clean their space thoroughly, it reflects badly on their brand and image.

Stain Removal Features

Stains can and do occur, and they will age a carpet and make it look far older than it is. The problem is that not all carpet cleaners come with a stain removal function. This function allows the carpet cleaner to get deep into the carpet’s fibers to remove stains.

Even stains that have been allowed to set for long periods of time can be removed with the right cleaner.

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If you plan to work on or use a carpet, it’s essential to have a stain removal feature to ensure the longevity and beauty of the carpet.

Tank Style and Capacity

If you’re not paying attention to the tank size, you’re making a huge mistake in the buying process. Consumer Reports suggests that the right cleaner will have a dual tank system that’s able to keep the cleaning solution and hot water separate.

This is spot on, and while your budget will play a role in your potential dual tank system, it’s a great feature to have because:

  1. Cleaner remains in a separate tank.
  2. Hot water remains in a separate tank.

Big deal – right? Wrong. This means that there is less refilling that needs to be done. If you have a small tank, you’ll need to refill the unit often, which simply takes more time.

If you have a larger space to clean, you’ll want to look at the tank style and capacity. A larger capacity may offer enough room for cleaner and water, while a dual tank may be smaller but has more than enough liquid-holding capacity to clean an entire floor.



Compact vs Full-Sized Cleaners

There are compact carpet cleaners and full-sized carpet cleaners – there’s a big difference. Compact models allow you to:

  • Easily maneuver the carpet cleaner to clean in hard-to-reach places.
  • Save a lot of storage space.
  • Remove most tough stains and dirt without an issue.
  • Clean the carpet with sufficient precision.

Full-sized carpet cleaners are also great for removing dirt and stains, but they’re harder to store and are more cumbersome to maneuver around the house. Attachments help to make the full-sized cleaner a little easier to get into corners and up stairs.

When choosing a full-sized model, you’ll expect:

  • Larger overall capacity that allows for fewer refills.
  • Greater power that’s able to remove hard-to-clean stains.
  • Overall longer lifespan of your carpet.

Full-sized carpet cleaners are worth the cost, and professional models will have a much easier time cleaning floors than compact models. You need to weigh both of your options before making your choice on which model is best for you.

A small space may not need the power that a full-size model offers, but a compact model may not suffice for a home that has wall-to-wall carpeting.

Take your time when finding a carpet cleaner that you want to invest in before diving into the buying process. Utilize reviews to help you make the buying decision a little easier. Reviews will provide you with valuable insight into how:

  • Well the cleaner runs
  • Much maintenance the cleaner needs
  • The model operates over the long-term
  • Responsive customer service is or isn’t

When buying a carpet cleaner, the points and guidelines above will help you make the right decision on the perfect cleaner for you.