Shark Navigator vs Rotator – Which is the Best Shark Vacuum for You?

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The plethora of models in Shark’s product line makes it difficult to choose which to purchase and what makes it even harder is that all these models are designed and manufactured for optimal performance. There are several factors up for consideration before you buy a Shark including their similarities as well as their differences. These details of Shark vacuums reviews will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Rotator Professional Lift-Away
A great vacuum - great on carpet and bare floor
Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum
We love the motorized brush attachment!
Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)
A great vacuum at an ubelievable price point
Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)
A fantastic cordless vacuum

The Rotator is the easier Shark vacuum to steer and maneuver but the Navigator is more lightweight. The Rotator’s built-in headlights are one of its most unique features, a must when you have to go over dim areas in your homes. Another interesting feature of the Rotator is its versatility to be an upright, canister or portable type of vacuum and clean edges, cabinets, and baseboards.

It also offers a more diversified set of attachments such as dusting and turbo brushes, crevice tools of varying lengths – short, 18 inches, upholstery, and 24 inches – and several other options such as an appliance want, multi-angle dusting brush, and a detail kit for either home or car. The Navigator, meanwhile, comes with the following attachments:

  • An eight-inch crevice tool.
  • Turbo-powered pet brush.
  • A dusting brush.
  • A 24-inch crevice tool.
  • A hard floor attachment with duster pad.

Both models have a 30-foot power cord, Sealed Technology that uses HEPA filters, a cleaning path of 9.5 to 11.5 inches, and a design that “never loses suction.” The Navigator, while just a tad bit shorter than the Rotator when it comes to its handle, is less expensive than the Rotator but then again the latter, as mentioned has more accessories.

Shark Vacuum Comparison – First Up – The Navigator

The Navigator’s body has been developed using lightweight materials that makes it vulnerable to wear-and-tear but the deal maker here is that this model doesn’t require much effort to navigate on the part of the user. Smaller, more compact in size, and with its cleaning path a little narrower than the Rotator, this model nevertheless comes with five basic vacuuming attachments, HEPA filters, and a less expensive price tag.

You can have ease of use from the Navigator’s Lift-Away pod and an extra-large dust cup — the better to collect more dirt, dust, and debris with – which can easily be emptied. Like the Rotator, the Navigator’s user will know when to empty this dust cup because this bagless vacuum has a transparent cover. Both the Navigator and Rotator weigh within the average range of 14 to 15 pounds.

The Navigator includes only two pieces of microfiber pads, albeit they provide a polished and clean finish. This model works well on all carpet and hard surface types and has a cleaning path of 9.5 inches in width like the Rotator.

You get basic swivel steering with the Navigator, a factor that can be appreciated by those who live in smaller dwellings like apartments, townhouses or condominiums. Designed for No Loss of Suction performance like the Rotator, the Navigator has a 3.1 quart-capacity for holding dirt, dust, and other types of debris. As to its canister weight, this model registers at 7.5 pounds, just 0.9 pounds lighter than the Rotator.

Our Favorite Navigator Models

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) – The NV356E’s cyclonic technology can separate fine dirt from air to prevent it from clogging the vacuum’s superior HEPA filtration system. This keep suction power consistently, available, and strong all the time while you use the vacuum. The HEPA filters combine with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology to keep 99.9% or more of dust, dirt, and allergens in the vacuum, not back to air that you breathe.

This model’s extra-large dust cup provides convenience to the user in cleaning upholstery or carpeted stairs and accessing small or tight spaces around the house and car. With its patented hard floor attachment called Dust-Away, this vacuum offers a one-step cleaning system that will not only suck up scattered debris but wipe away miniscule particles that may be invisible to the eye with the included microfiber pad.

Its basic swivel steering and 30-foot power cord provides easy maneuverability anywhere in your home for up to 9.5 inches of cleaning path to reach not only all kinds of surfaces – hardwood, marble or tile – but thick rugs and shag carpets as well. You get an eight-inch crevice tool, the Dust-Away, Pet Hair Power Brush, the microfiber pad, and a dusting brush with your purchase of the Lift-Away Pro.

Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum SV1106 – The SV1106 performs exactly as its name says it does: freestyle. This translates to reliable performance by a convenient vacuum cleaner for bare floors and carpets. With an optimized two-speed setting, this model lifts even the deepest embedded ground-in dirt and pet hair easily from your thickest carpets. This model’s suction power remains consistent and strong throughout its operation.

Use the higher speed setting to clean hardwood, laminate, and tile floors as well as carpets and the lower speed setting for rugs and carpets. This vacuum can assume an angle that deep reclines for cleaning under cabinets, cots, dressers, and other similarly difficult areas in your home. Press the button located on the vacuum’s force to release the dust cup, empty it, and then close it right back inside the vacuum.

Shark Rotator vs Navigator – Round 2 – The Rotator

The Shark Rotator provides the same basic features found in the Navigator with several additional options. Given that, the Rotator obviously has an upper hand in the category for accessories because of the inclusion of the multi-angled dusting brush, the canister caddy with wheels, a kit for home details with different cleaning heads, and a straight suction nozzle over and above the conventional attachments.

Its power cord length is similar to that of the Navigator’s at 30 feet, albeit its cleaning path radius is two inches wider than that of the Navigator’s. Additionally, the Rotator has headlights that illuminate dim areas, a must for households with kids and pets, where bread or cookie crumbs, animal dander, candy wrappers, etc. could linger and become potential health hazards.

Everything else in the Rotator, including the HEPA filters, power cord length, and “No Suction Loss” and Sealed Technologies, is similar to the Navigator’s features. The choice of up to ten different attachments as mentioned earlier, however, gives the Rotator a slight edge over the Navigator in this area. Depending on the Rotator model, this vacuum has some taller and larger models as well.

The newer Rotator is more detailed technically to enable more enhanced standards for vacuuming and, as such, is a mid-range to high end item, primarily because of the usual bells and whistles of the product. But this is compensated for the warranty. The price of the Rotator Lift-Away Truepet NV752, for instance, comes with a warranty of seven years, a generous offer and a testament to the appliance’s superior quality.

Our Favorite Rotator Models

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) – The Rotator also has its own Professional Lift-Away version in the NV501. With enhanced swivel steering, the NV501 cleans bare floors and carpets easily using its motorized brush roll that can be turned off or on depending on your preference. The “Never Loses Suction” Technology of this Shark model has a portable and detachable canister which lifts away dust, dirt, and debris and keeps it in the extra-large dust cup.

Together with reusable HEPA filters, its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology ensures the capture of more than 99.9% of these three potential allergens and pet hair as well. This vacuum with a 30-foot power cord operates quietly while cleaning a radius of 9.5 feet. A 12-inch crevice tool, Premium Pet Power Brush, straight suction nozzle, dusting brush, canister caddy, and wide pet upholstery tool come with it.

Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum, Bordeaux – LED lights on the NV752’s extension wand are perfect when cleaning above floors, dimly-lit areas, and spotting cobwebs and other debris in corners. LED lighting is also provided by this model’s illuminated handle which comes handy when using an attachment like the included upholstery tool. This model is a 3-in-1 versatile vacuum that transforms instantly with the use of the included canister caddy.

Get the full power of the TruePet Mini-Motorized brush to pick up loose debris and pet hair from deep surfaces such as furniture upholstery. Get rid of finer particles using the microfiber pad that can be attached to the Hard Floor Genie. The new 2-in-1 Dusting Genie for cleaning finer dust, a dusting brush, and a pet upholstery tool for lifting pet hair off delicate fabrics, curtains, and couches are included in the NV752’s purchase.