The Bissell 9595 vs 1330 – Which Is the Best Bissell Vacuum for You?

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Bissell’s quality and affordability makes it one of the top brands in the vacuum industry. The 9595 and 1330 models – part of the CleanView line – are two of the best choices for families. With OnePass technology and tools to clean just about every inch of your home, you can’t go wrong with either of those models.


Bissell 9595

Bissell 1330
Cyclonic System Yes Yes
Multi-Level Filtration System Yes Yes
TurboBrush Tool Yes Yes
OnePass Technology Yes Yes
Easy Empty Tank Yes Yes
Dusting Brush Yes
HEPA Filtration Yes
Washable Foam Filter Yes Yes

But just like with any other vacuum, one model is better than the other in certain situations. We have our favorite model (we’ll share our pick soon), but our guide will help you decide which vacuum is the right one for you.

The Bissell 9595

The 9595 is lightweight, has powerful suction and an innovative brush design that allows for a deep-down clean on the first pass.

The OnePass Technology features a unique brush design that reaches down deep into carpet fibers to pick up more dirt and debris. And the large capacity dust canister means you make fewer trips to the trash during your cleaning session.

When you do make a trip to the trash, the bottom-emptying design means the dirt winds up in the trash where it belongs.

The 9595 comes with a host of accessories to help you clean your home top to bottom. Included with this model is:

  • A crevice tool for edges and corners (between couch cushions, too, according to Good Housekeeping)
  • An extension wand to reach high areas
  • Dusting brush for your home’s accessories
  • TurboBrush tool for furniture and stairs

With a light weight of 15 pounds, it’s easy to push this vacuum. There’s also a handle on the canister that makes it easy to carry this model up and down the stairs.

To make your life easier, Bissell included a washable filter.

The long 25-foot cord also gives you more leeway, so you’re not constantly changing plugs.


  • OnePass Technology
  • Crevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand and TurboBrush
  • Easy-empty dirt tank
  • 15-pound weight
  • Cyclonic System
  • Washable filter
  • Carry handle
  • Floor height adjustment


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Accessories allow you to clean your home floor to ceiling
  • TurboBrush is great for cleaning furniture and stairs
  • Bottom-emptying tank keeps the dirt in the trash
  • Floor height adjustment allows you to clean low and high carpet as well as bare floors


  • Extension wand isn’t long enough

The only complaint with this vacuum is that the extension wand’s hose isn’t quite long enough. Because this is a lightweight model, reaching up high will cause the vacuum to tip over.

The extension wand complaint is just a minor inconvenience. The 9595 does not disappoint in the suction power department, and it comes with plenty of on-board tools to keep your home clean.

The Bissell 1330

The Bissell 1330 is a bagless vacuum that’s easy to maintain and comes equipped with a host of tools to keep your home spotless.

The 1330 has Bissell’s famous OnePass Technology, which picks up more dirt, debris and dander in one pass than a conventional vacuum. That’s all thanks to the innovative brush design, which digs deep into the carpet.

The Cyclonic System works with the brush roll to trap more dirt and debris. Like other, more expensive vacuums, the Cyclonic System keeps the vacuum from losing suction.

The TurboBrush tool is great for homes with pets or kids. Think of this brush as a mini vacuum head. Attached to a hose, this brush cleans couch cushions and stairs with ease and precision. The rotating brush head on the mini tool helps remove more dirt and debris than a typical hose.

There’s also a crevice tool to clean in those hard-to-reach corners and edges.

The easy-empty dirt tank is another great feature. It empties from the bottom, which allows you to empty out the canister without having to touch the dirt.

The washable filter makes it easy to maintain this vacuum, while the HEPA filter traps more household allergens. Bissell says the washable filter just needs to be rinsed in warm water and dried completely before use.

With a weight of just 15.5 pounds, this vacuum is easy to push, and the 25-foot cord allows you to clean more carpet without having to switch plugs.


  • HEPA filter
  • OnePass Technology
  • Cyclonic system
  • 15.5-pound weight
  • TurboBrush tool
  • Washable filter
  • Crevice tool


  • Mini TurboBrush is great for homes with pets
  • Washable filter makes this vacuum easy to maintain
  • Easy-empty canister keeps dirt in the garbage
  • OnePass Technology removes more dirt in a single pass, so vacuuming is quicker
  • Cyclonic System keeps this vacuum’s suction strong


  • Not ideal for hard flooring

The 1330 is not ideal for hard flooring, but Bissell doesn’t advertise this model as a hard-floor vacuum. With that said, this model does have a dial that lets you adjust according to the height of the carpeting (including bare floor).

Which Bissell Model is Right for You?

Should you choose the Bissell 9595 or the 1330?

We prefer the 1330 for one reason: It has a HEPA filter.

Both vacuums have nearly identical features, but the 1330 has a HEPA filter that removes more allergens from your home. According to Envision Commercial Cleaning, a filter can only be classified as HEPA if it removes 99.7% of all particles bigger than 0.3 microns.

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If you have pets, the 1330 may be the better option for you. Along with the HEPA filter, the TurboBrush will help eliminate more debris, dander, allergens and hair.

We love that the 1330 is lightweight and comes with a lot of accessories to clean your home.

The 9595 is still an excellent vacuum. It’s easy to maintain (washable filter), and the Cyclonic System ensures that the vacuum’s suction stays strong.

We like the large capacity dust canister because it means you make fewer trips to the trash. If you have a larger home, this model may be the better choice because you get longer, uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

The extension wand (even with its quirks) is a nice tool to have if you have shelving or other high-up areas that collect dust and cobwebs.

Both Bissell models are great choices, but:

  • If you have pets, the 1330 may be the better fit
  • If you have a lot carpet to clean, the 9595 may be the better fit

Regardless of which vacuum you choose, you can find peace of mind in knowing that both are backed by a 2-year warranty.